Thoughts and Opinions.

One of our earliest mistakes at PJP Buttonwood - and trust me, there were MANY - was our choice of our exterior signage. And that isn’t to say that we don’t like our sign…actually, we love it. But in all the ways it works as an artistic piece that has a cool vibe, it fails in attention getting from traffic on Nifong and readability from a distance. (I’m 100% certain it leads to all the “do you sell jeans or pies here?” questions we receive regularly.) It also doesn’t light up at night, in case you are keeping track of the pros and cons.


So as we look forward to PJP Nifong (which, honestly, still sounds weird), we need to focus on an easy-to-read sign that one can see from a distance and that lights up in the evening. And no worries - we’ve planned to have our current sign removed from PJP Buttonwood on move out day and mounted inside PJP Nifong as an art piece…which honestly is a better fit.

But as with most things in this Round Two, I find myself chronically overthinking the sign decision. The sign above took almost no decision making and now here I am, weighing signing options like my very life depends on it. (Which though, if good eyebrows frame your face well…then the sign decision as a frame for our storefront is critical. I do not support bad eyebrows or signage.)

So, here’s two sign options. The first one I’ll show you has been sitting in my inbox for months…and actually was pitched to us over five years ago for our current location. The second option is the result of Jeanne looking at me yesterday and saying “huh…I don’t know…email him back and tell him we need to see it without the logo”. And I’ll tell you what you already know - we make our decisions based on emotion and when I looked at both, I knew immediately which I preferred. And I haven’t talked to Jeanne since texting her the picture, but I promise you with all that I am…she will pick the same one I did. But then Behind-the-Scenes-Jason picked the opposite mock-up. I won’t tell you which I prefer and I’m open for feedback on the following two options:

peggy jeans pies rockbridge location rev.jpg



Thoughts? Opinions? Oh, also, the costs are fairly comparable between the two, if that makes a difference to you. I just want to look at it when I drive by on Nifong and thing “ah yes, the perfect frame for our girl PJP”…