Jeanne-ology: Today Was A Mess.

Hey Everyone - it’s Thursday and time for Jeanne-ology. Today was A MESS, both personally and professionally. But her take on it all made me laugh:) Enjoy - Rebecca


Goodness!  Another Thursday and it is my turn to write the blog.  As usual, Rebecca reminded me of this late this afternoon.  All I could do is sigh.  On the other hand, she is hosting our monthly pie tasting event tonight at the pie shop. We made some unusual pies and I will be anxious to find out the results.  (Rebecca editing to add: just so you know, a pie made completely out of avocado, condensed milk, and heavy whipping cream is weird. Very weird.)

Earlier in the day, Rebecca texted me the list of special ingredients we needed to buy in order to make the pies for tonight's tasting.  Everything from limeaid concentrate, applesauce, avocados, Fireball whiskey, bananas, strawberries, seedless blackberry jam, and Dulce de Leche. I easily found all the ingredients on her list, except that darn Dulce de Leche.  I really didn't even know what is was.  Rebecca put a notation that it would be located on the Mexican food aisle.  I probably went up and down that aisle several times and could not find that item!  I was beginning to become agitated and called the pie shop to ask what was Dulce de Leche was and did we really need it? All I could hear was laughter in the background.  I hung up.  Finally a store clerk help me find that special item. I didn't dare ask the clerk for the item because I couldn't pronounce it!   I just showed him Rebecca's list and he led me to it right away.  (By the way, it was on the Mexican food aisle.)  (Rebecca editing to add - this all sounds completely on brand for her. Foreign language is not her strength, nor is patiently looking for an item without yelling out “yoo-hoo!” to the nearest clerk.)

Getting back to the shop I learned that Rebecca and the crew knew I would have trouble locating this item and each one estimated how long it would take me to call them for help.  That whole episode would seem to set the whole day for me.  Putting on my apron, I bumped into a small table, which caused it to fall on my foot.  I thought I had broken my pinkie toe!  Everyone was busy getting ready for tonight.  Rebecca was all over the shop and her to-do list.  I could barely get her to slow down and talk with me for a minute or two.  I went on about my business. Today was a day that her mind is running faster than she can walk.  The easiest thing for me to do was stay out of the way.  (Rebecca editing to add: this is basically her calling me high-maintenance, which is completely fair today.)

Later in the afternoon, I went and picked up rental chairs for the pie tasting event and picked up ice and paper plates. Although I was away from the shop on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was hot and worn out.  I shouldn't have been, but I was.  I left the shop around 2:30 and headed for home. Rebecca and I drive the same route to and from the pie shop. We basically go south on Route K heading towards Huntsdale.  Close to McBaine, I met Rebecca coming toward me and she blew her horn. The road was closed due to water over the road!  You know what would be really nice?  If Boone County road crews would put up their ROAD CLOSED signs maybe two or three miles before the flooded area, so you could turn around. Instead, they put it a foot in front of the flooded roadway. What a waste of time!  I could have taken an alternate route and saved so much time.  (Rebecca editing to add: I’m pretty certain this is the only time you’ve seen Jeanne show up on the blog all salty about something. We all have our soapbox issues and Jeanne’s is Improper Flood Notification, apparently.)

Rebecca had made it home before me to drop off and pick up her kids for various appointments. I met her coming out off our road. We stopped and rolled down our windows to talk and she was crying!  What's wrong?  She found a dead snake in her garage and the head was missing. She announced she was going to move because of the snake!  Be glad it was dead, I said.  All your barn cats took care of the problem, you should be happy they did their job.  No they didn't, she said, I still saw the snake in the garage!  I guess the cats didn't know they needed to drag out the snake and bury before she got home!  (Rebecca editing to add: this makes me sound crazy. Here’s the thing, I really, really, really, really hate snakes. And I already had a lot on my mind, so when I rolled in and my youngest started yelling about a dead snake, I panicked. IT WAS A HEADLESS COPPERHEAD (ironic). So, look, what ate the head? Did it happen in my garage? Where is the head? I immediately left the house and texted Behind-The-Scenes Jason that he better stop and by enough snake-a-way chemicals for our driveway and garage to make the EPA cry.)

My husband has been digging a big hole in our back yard to plant a large tree we bought a couple of days ago.  We haven't planted it yet because of the weather.  So today was the day!  Changing into my yard clothes to help him with the planting, I first visited the hole.  It was huge and muddy.  I was admiring his hole digging skills when all of a sudden I fell in the muddy hole landing on my side.  Thank goodness it was mud or I would have really hurt myself.  Laying in the hole with some soft moans coming from me, my husband said, do you need help?  (He was on the patio and had witnessed my fall)  NO, I  DON'T NEED HELP!  I really did but was too mad at myself for falling. After crawling around on the ground to get myself up, my husband suggested that I should forget planting the tree and call it a day.  He was right! (Rebecca editing to add: also, this is 100% on brand for her. She’s the only person I know that can admire a hole and then fall in the hole. Just saying.)

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