Like George and Wheezy

I spent most of my day answering emails and Facebook messages with the starting lines of “I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond to you - last week was really busy at PJP”. Because while I accomplished so much last Monday, my administrative productivity took a sharp decline as the week progressed into busier baking days and filming crews and pre-construction meetings and a few hundred other things. And for everyone else languishing in my emails, full of questions about all sorts of things…here’s my best group answers:

  1. We don’t have an exact timeline for our move to our new space. I’m boldly stating August would be lovely, but I’m in control of nothing. The Kroneke Group has started their 30 day period to replace the HVAC and ductwork. I know this because I drive by the space twice daily in hopes of catching a glimpse of that 1984 air conditioner being laid to rest. I’m basically an HVAC paparazza at this point in my life.

  2. I said to someone in an email earlier today that we are movin’ on up like George and Wheezy and then I realized that person was too young to even catch the reference to The Jeffersons and she probably just sat there and wondered who George and Wheezy are and where they are moving to. (Clearly, it is up to the East Side, in a deeee-luxe apartment in the sky.)

  3. If you emailed me about the Orange Leaf furniture, you were in company of 182 other individuals and organizations. I’ve found proper homes for it all at no cost to the recipients, so if you happen to walk by a school classroom next year and see a kid sitting in an Orange Leaf chair…well, know you know how that happened. It was like a fun, albeit more deranged version, of Oprah’s You Get a Car and You Get a Car segment. Except You Get an Orange Leaf Chair doesn’t have quite the same roll off the the tongue.

  4. And on to PBS, I’m not sure of the air date or the exact title of the show. Jeanne swears it is called “Makers” and she may be right. Though the other day, she thought I was talking about Zimbabwe and I was NOT talking about Zimbabwe at all…primarily because I don’t know a lot about Zimbabwe except a bit about their election fraud problems and that had nothing to do with what we were talking about. So basically, the show could be called “Bakers” and she heard “Makers”. Or “Takers”. Either way.

  5. It was a camera crew of three and while they did all sorts of things like clip cameras to baking trays for oven shots and more, we were all most impressed with their lighting equipment. The amount of selfies taken last Thursday while the crew stepped out for lunch is nothing short of impressive. You might have seen a super cute picture taken of Jeanne and I in the good lighting. She was actually really hot and getting super grouchy and after the picture, she went to Hyvee and stuck her head in the freezer by the vegetables. But you wouldn’t know that from looking at her in that top notch lighting, would you? Guess who is getting a ring light for her phone for Christmas?