So now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it feels like summer has finally arrived. (And now I’m marginally less indignant when it is 85 degrees inside PJP Buttonwood because at least it is justified-ish.). Here are a few items of note for the season ahead:

  1. School is officially out for my kids and I have no idea how time goes so quickly. My youngest (who isn’t really that young any longer, sigh) will be managing my daily to-do list and calendar this summer. And all this really means is that I’ll NEVER BE MORE ORGANIZED OR TIMELY than I will be for the next seven weeks because she has legit skills. If you need to schedule time with me, please see the almost 14 year old for availability. She will be the only 8th grader this fall that will need to work during her lunch break to keep me on schedule.

  2. My oldest will be working at PJP three days a week. He started today and it was super hard to not hover over him, though that is pretty much the case with me every single day with every single person on Team PJP. Please note, here is what a 16 year old boy DOESN’T appreciate: his mom reminding him to be careful opening the condensed milk cans so he doesn’t cut himself. Or loudly exclaiming loudly that he looks super handsome in his PJP hat and apron. Ahem.

  3. And these changes pale in comparison to all the changes coming to PJP in June. We lose THREE long-term Team PJP members to post-graduation careers in Kansas City, Colorado and/or Utah, and Las Vegas. And we gain a slew of new Team PJP members over the next few weeks. Oh, and I need to work in my annual week long vacation. And we have The Big Fake Wedding show and a super fun event with Feast TV. GOODNESS. We are hosting a huge going away party at my house on Sunday, complete with a scavenger hunt AND a weekend visit by former Team PJP member, Kevin. Our only goal is to have fun and not think about how crazy June will be.

  4. In terms of PJP Nifong, your feedback on our proposed signage was AHHHMAAZING. Everyone’s feedback helped us think through all of our options. We did have the sign company do a mock-up of the sign with the rolling pin as large as the Peggy Jean’s text, but it felt like too hard of a flex on the whole bakery vibe. I didn’t want to end up on some Internet list of “The 15 Most Outrageous Signs in Your State!” that floats by on Facebook. We are leaning toward the second sign - no logo, large Peggy Jean’s, in scale rolling pin.

  5. I did go over and check out the HVAC progress after seeing trucks leaving with a large amount of trash that looked suspiciously like what a 1984 air conditioner might look like. As of today though, there is nothing interesting to report except a bunch of missing ceiling tiles, which is super anti-climatic. I’m really going to need to sign the new HVAC unit, or at least sit in the driver’s seat of the crane that will install it to be satisfied. If you know how to make that happen, please alert my assistant.