The More You Know.

It’s spring break around here this week and basically that means half of Team PJP is away somewhere having fun and the other half of Team PJP is making a lot of pies every day. I’ll let you figure out which camp I fall into. Ahem.

Here are a few things worth noting, even when there is nothing noteworthy going on:

  1. $5 Friday is next week. On our last $5 Friday in October 2018, we sold 974 baby pies. I’ve set our goal for this event at 1,250…as in ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED FIFTY BABY PIES in one day. Gulp. Team PJP has already asked if they could have the $25 gift card deal again if they surpass the 1,250 goal. I’ll happily oblige because a) they will deserve it, and b) that was a smart strategic move on their part and I feel a little proud of that.

  2. And speaking of chaotic days at PJP, we were in full recovery mode from Pi(e) Day when we received our latest health inspection. We received a non-critical violation for having boxed canned goods (specifically evaporated milk and pumpkin) stored on the floor. Apparently, IF there was a flood, AND a can was punctured, AND we still chose to use it…that could be bad. I super wanted to say that IF there was a flood, AND our cans punctured, AND we were dumb enough to use it…then we we have bigger problems than storage.

  3. We also received a critical violation because our sanitizer in our dish machine didn’t read high enough. I 100% panicked that our dishwasher was in critical failure, but it just turns out that we don’t cycle through sanitizer fast enough to hold the chemical concentration needed. The easy fix is to buy sanitizer in one gallon bucks and not the five gallon buckets, which I didn’t even know was A THING, did you? The more you know, I guess.. (Also, the inspector came back and cleared us after retesting with the new smaller bucket of sanitizer. WHEW.)

  4. All things considered, Jeanne took all this news pretty well. The resulting Canned Items Storage Solutions 2k19 project has been epic.

  5. And finally, we’ve created a cute box for the front counter at PJP (and by “created”, I mean I bought it at Home Goods on Monday). With each purchase you make, you can enter to win a series of prizes in the five days leading up to our 5th anniversary on April 17th. We’ve planned out the prize packages, with greater succession in value as we build up to the 17th. No canned goods or small batch sanitizers included, yo.

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