Subject Lines.

Just a few short weeks ago, I bragged a bit on not working a single Saturday in 2019 and the lingering impact on a happier me and a happier family at home. And as you might guess, the universe took that post as a solid opportunity to remind me that things can change so quickly. Here’s actual footage of my current work/life balance:

giphy (4).gif

And look, I know working AT PJP six days a week and then spending the remaining day working ON PJP makes me no different than millions of other entrepreneurs. But if I excel at anything, it is almost always making everything about me and so all things considered, this past month has been a push. (Today I remarked to Jeanne that I really super don’t care for April Fool’s Day and she said “when is April Fool’s Day?” and I said “uh…today” and she said “it’s already April?” and I said “yeah, you don’t know what day it is?” and she said “well, they all just run into each other so I don’t pay attention”. I can’t even argue with that logic.)

I spent most of today working at PJP, primarily on preparing us for this week’s $5 Friday. I’ve decided we will start with 50 baby pies of our 25 most popular flavors and then anything extra we can get done will just be all the extra to our goal of 1,250 baby pies. I realize that it is a lofty goal, but it is Monday and I’m the most rested and most optimistic version of myself I’ll be for the entire week, so let’s go with it for now.

I also did a whole litany of things that don’t even matter, but all things that have to be done to make a business run. I won’t bore you with the details, but to say that one of our food brokers has added me to a list serve wherein I receive weekly updates on produce demand. I usually delete it without reading it, but the subject line in today’s edition said “HORSERADISH CRISIS” and that if that doesn’t make you want to click, I don’t know what will. First of all, I like horseradish and second of all…A CRISIS? Apparently so. Due to a number of factors, horseradish will be in short supply this spring. So much so, that if you want to order some, you have to pay a 50% deposit to even get in line for horseradish delivery. Look, I may be tired lately, but at least I’m not rolling the dice on if my horseradish order arrives. Sometimes it pays to work in pies.

Oh, and as a post script to the email, it included that Mexico is holding back supplies of avocados to increase the market price over the next few weeks.

PS. No wonder guac always costs extra.

PPS. I bet horseradish will too soon enough.