Just Google It

It’s time again to take a deep dive into our Google analytics to see which keyword searches landed visitors on the World Pie Domination blog site. As always, the results never fail to disappoint:

  1. Select Funding: . A long time ago, I got on my soapbox about predatory lenders approaching small business. My opinions haven’t changed, as the offers for $1 million dollars at 40% interest still roll my way on a regular basis from “lenders” nationwide. That this search term was the second most popular search (behind “Peggy Jean Pies”) is a surprise though. I would take $1 million dollars for 6% interest, if they want to cut me that deal to stay in the keywords. Just saying.

  2. Ecolab Dishwasher Review. Oh. Well, negative five stars.

  3. Bubba Gump: Huh. I think I entitled a Jeanne-ology with “Bubba Gump” and I don’t remember why. Imagine the dismay when this blog doesn’t even discuss shrimp.

  4. Semi Truck Parking: I would say that we don’t have any semi truck parking, but this week we’ve had a crane in our parking lot, maids parked in our alley, and a delivery truck stuck trying to back into Big Lots. Nothing else could surprise me.

  5. Face Serum, Columbia, MO: Well, I’m no expert, but my ride-or-die post Retinol cream regime is Korres Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial. No regrets.

  6. Anxious Gif: Basically my whole life in motion.

  7. Oven Repair. Clearly, people are interested in the story of our oven breaking down and then me having an epic breakdown and finally the oven was repaired and I hugged the repairman and cried on his coat.

  8. PJP Restaurant Store: I feel like this person was hopeful to find PJP in an akin-to-Cracker Barrel shopping experience. I can’t envision it, primarily because I never win at that wooden peg game at each table that is a little sticky with the leftovers of pancake syrup fingers.

  9. PJP Warehouse: If by “warehouse”, the searcher means 1,050 square feet of commercial lease triple net luxury, welp, here we are.

  10. Snarky Tea Review: Wait, I don’t even drink tea. But I have been known to spill the tea.