Sorry...not sorry.

Would it be a dramatic start to this post if I told you that today almost killed us?


By all accounts, we did amazing work today. For the very least of it, we shipped out 55 six packs of Jelly Jar pies for Christmas delivery. FIFTY-FIVE. It is rare that I can rattle the UPS store worker, but the look when he opened the back of my Yukon was pretty priceless. Now let’s all collectively pray they reach their destinations without incident and on schedule.

And the rest of the day was just a blur. I can tell you I’m certain we made almost everything on our menu in every size you can think of. We also had to teach Joanne the difference between being stabby and being salty at PJP. As in, I am stabby that as much as we accomplished today, it pales in comparison to tomorrow. But I’m just salty that it is only Wednesday. Get it?

We did take a brief break for a PJP family lunch, wherein we all listed off our physical woes from hours of long standing and excessive whisking. It was sort of like a support club for minor ailments aggravated by standing on concrete. And because Jeanne is my mom and you never stop being someone’s mom no matter how old your child is, she was fairly insistent that I wear a knee brace all day for my angry right knee. To which I refused because it seemed ridiculous. This made her stabby because I never listen to her. And then I was salty because I do listen to her, just not on harebrained plans like wear a knee brace from the Hyvee pharmacy.

So what I’m saying is: we are pretty tired, but tomorrow we have 55 less packages to ship and we will be new people with a new perspective on the day. Except I’m still not wearing the brace. Sorry, mom…not sorry.