I Don't Doubt It

So it likely won’t surprise you to read that we have been super busy at PJP over the last two days. The amount of pie produced in our 1,050 square foot space today was nothing short of miraculous, so here is a shout out to Team PJP. There were A LOT OF US working today, so much that it basically felt like a clown car of a bakery…but we managed ourselves well and made hundreds of pies. None of this makes us any different than any other retail establishment just seven days prior to Christmas, but I would pit Team PJP against anyone in terms of efficiency. Oh, and in terms of fun. Our new next door neighbor came over and said that they could always hear us laughing in our storefront through the shared wall. I don’t doubt it.

Here’s a few other things worth noting over the past week:

  1. Sydney and Kevin graduated from Mizzou on Friday evening - one from Health Sciences and one from Engineering. We had the honor of attending both ceremonies and couldn’t be more proud of them both. Sydney started at PJP on her second day of her freshman year, so we were all invested in watching her walk across that stage at Jesse auditorium. PJP was only a few months old when she started, so I would say that we’ve gotten to watch both PJP and Sydney blossom over the last few years. It is an honor, indeed.

  2. So while I might convince Sydney to stay around a few more weeks into the new year, Kevin’s last day at PJP was Thursday and he came to say his goodbyes on Saturday. And if you happened by and we were all in a group hug, welp…goodbyes are hard. A few of us cried and we all drug out the final goodbyes as long as possible. But Kevin is crazy if he thinks he has left the Team PJP Inner Circle. We are like a cult…once you are in, you are in.

  3. In the mess of all this last week, our top oven stopped working AGAIN. Well, it worked but it wasn’t hot and it certainly wasn’t baking anything. We called Fast Fix It and it turns out that ovens have two connectors and during our Thanksgiving debacle, only one was replaced instead of two. Goodness. Now you know…always replace both connectors at the same time. You heard it here first.

  4. And while I’m thinking about it, the door handles of our commercial double door refrigerator have ISSUES. It is slowly breaking off from repeated use. We’ve taped it, we’ve glued it, we’ve covered part of it to use only the least use part…and it still looks dubious. Isn’t that sort of ridiculous? After Christmas, I’m taking a deep dive into the world of refrigerator handle repair.

  5. As for the next few days, we have closed any orders for Jelly Jar pies (a simple issue of demand versus how many jars Uline can get here by the end of the week). We do have orders for this weekend and Christmas Eve still open, but we will likely close them soon because it is looking scary busy. I saw this today and yep, I’m feeling it.