Well, here we are on the last evening of 2018. And we all know, MILESTONES BREAK MY HEART. That another year has gone by so quickly always surprises me, even though I can promise you that I said the exact same thing on the last post of 2017. (And honestly, I’m too lazy to look in the blog archives, so you’ll have to trust me.)

So, we’ve made good on our promise of doing absolutely nothing over the past week. If you cut me, I would likely bleed fine cheeses and semi-dry white wine. You can text me to ask about it at midnight, but not at 8 am…since we are working on a late-to-bed and late-to-rise schedule. What I’m saying basically is that when we all go back to school and work on Thursday, the routine may kill us. Send your thoughts and prayers now.

By my estimates, I’ve sent 42% of my time off feeling guilty for being closed over the past week. Though, the break has cleared my mind just enough to really think about PJP in an objective, non-exhausted, not-in-the-weeds sort of way. And that gift completely erases the 42% guilt.

And if you are curious, PJP grew by 21% this year. TWENTY-ONE PERCENT, PEOPLE. The SBA deems 2%-3% growth as acceptable, so YES, MA’AM, WE ARE PLEASED. And it would be pretty rad right here to tell you the 21% was a direct result of some secret we’ve figured out and that for $49.99, I’ll let you download a PDF of the secret…but it doesn’t work that way around here. Basically, it was just a lot of hard work by Jeanne and I and Team PJP and the extreme fortune of having such a dedicated base of #WPD fans. That’s all. Hard work + you = 21%. Holla.

giphy (1).gif

Tonight and tomorrow, social media will flood with posts about the year that has passed and the year that waits ahead for us. And when you think of PJP, please know that Jeanne and I are filled with gratitude, but we never take anything for granted. We will head back to PJP Buttonwood on Thursday and likely work harder than we ever had before because we want 2019 to be a major plot point in the PJP story (hey, she’s going to be five in 2019!!). And our thankfulness for all of you is always in our minds. Whether you stop by and buy pie, or you simply read every word written on the #WPD blog and think “welp, they all seem completely crazy and I want to be friends” or maybe you just drive by and think “I totally need to visit that place some day to find out if they sell pants OR pie”…please know we appreciate you 121% (see what I did there?).

Cheers to 2018 and the best for us all as we move into 2019. May it be a beautiful plot point in all our stories.


Rebecca & Jeanne.