So, since the last time we checked in, maybe you noticed that it snowed 18 inches? And here is why I’m not going to complain about this particular snowstorm - IT MADE ALL THE BUSINESS DECISIONS EASY. It was a clear decision to close early on Friday, especially after MU announced plans to close early in the afternoon. And then when it snowed (and snowed, and snowed, and snowed) Friday into Saturday, it made the decision about opening or closing on Saturday a complete no-brainer. WHEW. The absolute worst is when we get enough snow to be annoying, but not enough to keep everyone home and then I put myself into an anxiety spiral about what to do with PJP. Here’s a glimpse off my back porch on Saturday morning (and there really isn’t a prettier place to watch an epic snowstorm than in the middle of seven heavily wooded acres)


Now, all that said, we still haven’t been able to get my Yukon up our ridiculously long and treacherous driveway. #CountryPeopleProblems. I have all the hope in the world for tomorrow morning because I need some routine that doesn’t involve watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 while wearing pajama pants. When I wasn’t busy scrolling through Amazon Prime with reckless abandon, here’s a few things I did for PJP:

  1. I ordered our aprons and they are on their way to PJP Buttonwood for a mid-week arrival. A lot of readers were dubious about my decision to purchase black aprons because of all the flour we use and here’s the simple truth about that: black aprons are going to make us look skinnier than white aprons. #sorrynotsorry

  2. I also went totally rogue and ordered everyone actual name tags, like with our logo and each person’s name engraved on their tag. This means I’ll need to order one every time we hire someone, but I’m still working under the assumption I’ll be the best version of myself this year. #goodnessletshope

  3. I finally logged into Square and signed up for their inventory feature. Sydney did a count for me on every pie server, tea towel, rolling pin, candle, coffee cup, t-shirt, and greeting card in the store and we entered it into Square Inventory. And then that reminded me that we needed more tea towels, so I ordered some fun new ones. To know exactly what is in our store feels pretty legit. #imaginethat

  4. We also entered pot pie into inventory so that I’ll get a low stock alert when we get down to four remaining in each flavor and size. That happened less than an hour after Sydney and I got it all set up because we sold every pot pie in the store on Friday as people prepped for the impending storm. We will make more tomorrow. #ignoranceisbliss

  5. And finally, with a little help from Square, I was able to identify our number one customer of 2018. Jeanne suggested we give her a free baby pie every week for the rest of 2019. I’m having a special card made for her so she can claim her prize as we start to move through the year. We haven’t told her yet, but we wanted to do something to show our appreciation without it being lame…so we hope she super likes it and she continues to be such a stellar brand ambassador for PJP. #giftgivingisthebest