Jeanne-ology: Bubba Gump-ish

Hi Everyone - it’s Rebecca. Tonight, Jeanne FINALLY returns to her Jeanne-ology blog series (after much cajoling, ahem). Enjoy!


I can't remember the last time I wrote a blog. I know that it has been several weeks and I can not remember what I wrote about. Over the holidays, we worked long hours and my brain was too tired to even attempt writing a blog! Now a new year begins and Rebecca reminded me that I need to focus and start blogging again. I was hoping she would tell me not to worry about resuming the blog. She keeps me on task, though sometimes I don't like her when she is right.  (Rebecca editing to add: Jeesh, she gets so salty when I keep her on routine! It’s no easy job, btw.)

Tonight, my husband said why don't you write about New Year's day (we didn’t have any heat). Or maybe you could mention that we didn't have any television to watch because our dog Dixie chewed up the remote (we never did find the batteries) and we couldn't watch anything! We could have watched Netflix, but she ate the Roku remote the week earlier. Ever notice that bad things happen on a holiday or a Friday? We spent New Year's day freezing, my husband stood with the refrigerator door open for the longest time. I asked him what he was doing and told him to shut the refrigerator door! Standing with a hat and several layers of clothing, he looked at me and said "I'm warming up". It was warmer in the refrigerator than our house. What could I say, so I joined him. I hope this is not any indication of what 2019 turns out to be. (Rebecca editing to add: she actually demanded that Behind-The-Scenes Jason go over to her house in his pajama pants and slippers so he could program the universal remote she purchased. Living in the PJP compound comes in handy that way, unless you are Jason.)

It was not that hard for PJP to open up for the new year. We didn't know what to expect. Everyone is usually broke and on a diet in January. However, the walk-ins and phone orders have kept up busy. Outside of making fruit, nut and cream pies, I have been making sooooo many chicken and beef pot pies. I have cut up a mountain of chicken, de-boned chicken, removed chicken skin, and generally moisturized my hands with chicken grease. Whew! How much chicken can one person handle? Do people at the Tyson Chicken factory feel the same?  How do they develop the stamina of working with chicken day in and day out? When I come into work, Rebecca reminds me that I need to make more chicken pot pie. Goodness gracious, I have had it with making chicken pot pie! Today, I made vegetable pot pie. It was a welcome relief from cutting up meat.  I hope our customers like this vegetable pot pie as much as the chicken pot pie! (Rebecca editing to add: if Jeanne ever retires and leave me with PJP, the chicken pot pies goes with her. I refuse to even eat chicken from a bone…much less actually debone a whole chicken.)

Rebecca makes the most delicious quiche ever! I am not kidding. I casually mentioned that she should offer quiche everyday. Bacon and cheese quiche, ham and cheese quiche, vegetable quiche, quiche lorraine, spinach quiche. She gave a sideways glance tells me to stop. I sounded like Bubba in the movie Forrest Gump. (Rebecca editing to add: she really loves quiche.)

I am thankful that our customers like our pot pies. I am thankful that January sales may be better than last year because we do offer pot pies. Heck, maybe we can one day say that we owe our success to pot pies!  We could develop slogans that our pot pies help warm your bellies during the cold winter. Our pot pies could ease the pain of a long day. Our pot pies could bring you closer to home memories. The list could go on and on.  When I run this idea past Rebecca, she looks exasperated. (Rebecca editing to add: can you blame me?)

She called me tonight telling me that we had sold over twenty something chicken pot pies. Plan on making some more in the morning. I hung up on her. (Rebecca editing to add: Fair.)