Call Peggy.

It’s time again to take a deep dive into our Google analytics to see which keyword searches landed visitors on the World Pie Domination blog site. As always, the results never fail to disappoint:

  1. Sister Domination. Look, I don’t know…I don’t have a sister, though I wish I did on occasion. Jeanne has a twin sister, did you know that? Does Google know that? Weird.

  2. Oven Repair. Remember when our oven broke at Thanksgiving? I DO. I’m still recovering emotionally. I keep the repair company’s phone number saved in my phone now and if you own commercial ovens, I suggest you do the same.

  3. Commercial Dishwasher Prices. Spoiler alert: EXPENSIVE.

  4. NY152. This is from You’ve Got Mail - it’s Tom Hanks’ character’s username on AOL. This is one of the best movies ever. I’m ready to defend that statement.

  5. Grease Trap Photos. In our early days, I incorrectly identified our floor drain as our grease trap. It never occurred to me just to Google it. Now I know what one looks like and it is basically a box buried in the ground with a lid that comes off so the contents can be sucked out every six to eight weeks for $250.

  6. Blog Anthropologie. I don’t know, but I do super enjoy shopping at Anthropologie. We don’t have one in Columbia, which isn’t terribly surprising. As much as I like Anthro, I’ll take a Target on the south side of town first. And I know we all know the TJ Maxx/Home Goods is allegedly in the works, but CAN IT PLEASE HURRY?

  7. Pie Emoji. I once tweeted at the Unicode Consortium that we needed a pie emoji and then one showed up on an update to our iPhones. I’m not saying I made it happen, but…(just kidding, I doubt they ever read it and there is basically an emoji for everything, so it was bound to happen eventually).

  8. Gift Baskets Columbia MO. Jeanne SUPER loves creating a gift basket. I do not. Every holiday season, she says we should do gift baskets. And maybe she’s right…as long as I don’t have to help.

  9. Tori Spelling Blog. Does Tori Spelling blog? Probably. Apparently she has five kids, financial problems, and is on the 90201 reboot, so she’s got some things to say.

  10. Call Peggy. Quite often, someone will say that they called the shop and talked to Peggy and she promised them a donation or a time to meet to discuss advertising, etc. And it is always super awkward to say that would have required a seance. And that’s only funny because Peg would have thought it was hilarious.

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