Honestly, there isn't terribly much interesting to share about a Wednesday in August.  Actually, Wednesday is traditionally our slowest day of the week, so I'm always certain to give it side eye on the calendar when I'm planning out our month.


So, here's some interesting(ish) items of note:

  1. Our August Epic Pie Tasting is planned for tomorrow night.  It sold out in record time, so we've worked extra hard on a tasting menu that is nothing short of amazing.  And heavy on the booze.  You are welcome.
  2. Because we will have a lot to do tomorrow, Jeanne took off today instead of her regular Thursday.  And all that is to say that this should be a Jeanne-ology post since she had a leisurely morning, so what am I even doing here?
  3. Actually, I suppose it wasn't that leisurely because I tried to talk her through attaching a Word document to an email.  GOODNESS.  To sum up the experience, I need a few days off.  And I still don't have the attachment in my inbox.
  4. This week we had some visitors from almost two hours away.  Apparently they came to the store on Monday, but we were closed.  So they decided to drive back the next day just to visit our sweet PJP and well, we couldn't have been more honored.  
  5. Also, when we were in Kansas City on Monday, I didn't buy these super cute shoes at Nordstrom Rack and I've been low-key regretting it all week.  So when I heard  our customers drove just shy of two hours to buy pie two days in a row, I thought "welp, driving two hours to buy those shoes isn't the craziest idea."  Do we think Jeanne would miss me tomorrow??  I could send her my request for time off via an email attachment.  Hahahahahahahhahahahahaha....