Cry Me A River.

So here we are on the night before another school year begins and I just need to drop in here and say MILESTONES SLAY ME.  If you stop by tomorrow and think to yourself "huh, has she been crying this morning?", the answer is yes.  YES, I HAVE.  In the interim, here are a few other things:

  1. Speaking of crying, I finished Season 2 of All or Nothing and cried through most of the last episode.  Watching most of the coaching staff be fired and a fair amount of the players being released as free agents because of a losing season was sadder than I expected.  I'll probably never seek out a Rams game to watch, but I won't soon forget some of the thoughts I had about leadership while watching that season.
  2. And more on the focus of tears of joy, the company that makes our dies for the pie press emailed and notified me that the press for the Jelly Jars is ready.  If they send it to us tomorrow via UPS, that should give me at least 36 hours to go buy a confetti cannon to celebrate the arrival when our UPS delivery person walks into the door.  (Also, when I said this to Jeanne, she said:  who is going to clean up all that confetti off the floor?)
  3. And in the vein of tears of frustration, our company that delivers our baby pie tins is claiming that they won't be stocking those tins any longer and they would "just find us something else to use".  And here's the thing...the die for our pie press was made to that particular tin.  So if we switch tins, then we need a new die.  And those are expensive and take a long time to have made.  Not to mention the whole confetti cannon thing...
  4. And in honor of tears of frustration, last week about shoved me over the edge of sanity.  PJP was busy and we had events several days in a row.  Plus, I was doing a lot for the aforementioned return-to-school preparations.  I'm fairly certain whoever said that women can have it all was a) a man, and b) didn't anticipate we would one day have the ability to try to Instagram from the orthodontist's office while having a conversation about the importance of your kid not leaving their bite plate laying around for the dog to eat.
  5. And finally...cry of some tears of happiness because we tested out a number of pies at our Epic Pie Tasting last month and it appears that we have perfected the Nutella pie AND the Margarita pie.  Both are often requested flavors and both were fan favorites last Thursday evening.  The other favorite?  One pie that included apples, strawberries, rhubarb, blueberries, and raspberries.  I think.  The official name in the cookbook was "Fruit of the Forest", though I think we would have to rename to "Fruit of the Refrigerator" because that is almost every single thing we stock.  And it would make me cry to have to explain all day what was in that pie.
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