So lately I've been staying up late into the night and binge watching All or Nothing on Amazon Prime.  In short, a camera crew embeds into a professional football team for an entire season and you get to watch an entire NFL season from the inside prospective.  And look, you don't really need to care even the smallest bit about football because this show is really about human dynamics, leadership, and perseverance.  (Also, Jon Hamm narrates it and YES, PLEASE.)

I blew through Season One (Arizona Cardinals) and now I'm smack dab into Season Two - the Los Angeles Rams.  The early episodes of the second season document the Rams as they move from St. Louis to Los Angeles and then the lingering impact on the St. Louis area (and the massive readjustment for the entire franchise as it starts over in a new city).  And now mid-season, I've just watched the Rams travel to London to play the Giants.  (Spoiler alert from the 2016 season:  they lose.  Also, it is NOT a good season for the Rams.)

giphy (3).gif

So I keep noticing one thing every few episodes...a very brief appearance by our landlord, Stan Kroenke.  He owns the Los Angeles Rams (and in fact, he made the decision to move them to Los Angeles).  And honestly, the first time he appears on screen, I was a little taken aback and it's been bothering me but I couldn't really figure it out...but here is what I've concluded:

As you well know, I love my sweet PJP.  I like the space (even though it is too small) and when I'm there, I'm completely cognizant that PJP is the product of Jeanne and I and Team PJP and all of you reading here and therefore, she is special.  And seeing Kroenke on the field with the Rams feels so, so, so removed from what we do everyday.  We certainly don't feel special as a tenant in our space and when you consider all the leasees of Kroenke's property holdings, which pales in comparison to owning the Rams, the Denver Nuggets, and all the other places/teams/etc that create his annual $8 billion net worth...well, I guess it all makes more sense.  Seeing the enormity of his role play out on screen makes PJP feel very small in the grand scheme of it all.  And I suppose that is a good reminder that while I make PJP the center of the world, the world doesn't make PJP it's center.  Perspective is a crazy thing, right?

I have no major point to make (goodness, I hardly every do).  But I think I'm going to love PJP all the more.  And probably never move her to LA...I hear the traffic is awful.

Rebecca Miller