Jeanne-ology: She's Not Wrong

Hi There - It’s Thursday and that means Jeanne-ology. Truthfully, I’m relieved she is taking the reins tonight because my entire post would be “OMG, I AM SO STRESSED OUT THAT I MIGHT BREAK INTO 1,000 PIECES IF YOU EVEN RAISE AN EYEBROW AT ME.” Ahem. Enjoy her exceptionally more positive take! - Rebecca


Hello Thursday readers! Another week has passed and it is our final week at our Buttonwood location. Most of our customers know we are moving next week. However, we are getting calls every day to see if we have moved yet and where do they need to come to pick up pie. Rebecca is in a high anxiety mode this week, mainly because she is balancing all the details of moving. I know she is overwhelmed and I try to help keep her calm. On the other end, she tells me to keep focused on what is happening with the move. She rolled her eyes today when I started talking about dry measurements versus liquid measurements. I like that sort of information and kept talking. Finally she told me to get to the point! I did and she said for me to stay focused and dry versus liquid measurements were not on the schedule of conversation this week. (Rebecca editing to add: To set the scene, we were standing in PJP Nifong - which still looks like a hot mess - discussing a litany of things to be done. And then she launches into an epic story about measuring flour in a dry measuring cup versus a liquid measuring cup (I think). Gah.)

The electrician should be finished today and later this afternoon, all the ceiling tiles were supposedly put in place. We know where all the big equipment is going to be placed, but that is far as it goes. What will take the most time will be all the little things that will need to organized and placed. It is the same as moving into a new home. You know the couch will be placed in the living room, beds in the bedroom, etc. It is the boxes of stuff that will need to be unpacked and sorted out that will slow us down! (Rebecca editing to add: Sigh.)

Sunday afternoon would be a good time to do this. I really don't want a lot of people with me trying to help. They will unpack every box quickly while constantly asking me where to put it. We just don't know yet. We will need time and space to decide. I already know Rebecca will have little patience with me and just say let's put this here for now and figure it out later. I hate that and want to be totally organized before we reopen at the end of the week. Of course, I want all the cases full of pies when we open. That is a lofty goal and know our soft opening will be fun but not everything in its place. That is reality. (Rebecca editing to add: Without question, she is going to try my patience this weekend. Both she and my daughter shop slow and decorate slow. In fact, I should leave them both at PJP Nifong together.)

Another reality? Sunday through Wednesday will be long hours. We will probably think, "what have we done?" to “wow, we should have made this move a year ago!” When all is said and done, I know we have made the best decision to move forward. Nothing ever stays the same, especially at PJP. (Rebecca editing to add: Goodness, I hope she’s right. Thankfully, she usually is.)

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