Moving Update #1

I can’t imagine this news might have escaped you, but WE MOVED TODAY. Here are 10 things about today that we should discuss:

  1. Moving an entire store is 100% more difficult than you might guess. (Or at least, 100% more difficult than I would guess.) Between you and me and the Internet, I expected a store that would be 80% complete by this evening. Instead, I would confidently say that we are 25% finished. Gulp.

  2. Currently, both stores are complete disasters. PJP Buttonwood still has a sink in it, a collection of random items, and a floor that desperately needs to be swept. And it looks lonely, if that makes any sense.

  3. PJP Nifong is just a maze of items. We have brought things in, subcontractors have things to take out, and there is a ladder every five feet for some sort of project.

  4. If you really want to know how classy we kept it around PJP over the weekend, please know that we transported 90% of our storefront via a handcart across the parking lot. When the mailman slows down to tease you from his mail truck, you’ve reached peak embarrassment.

  5. Also, my shoulders are sore from pushing said handcart in the overzealous September heat

  6. Speaking of plumbing, I am very hopeful to see a plumber (or several) in the morning. We need a sink, a mop sink, a grease trap, hand washing sinks, bathroom sinks, and toilets relocated. Also, at least two HazMat suits delivered so that we can clean the relocated toilets. (Or just one because Jeanne doesn’t mind at all but my plan is to pour a gallon of bleach down the toilets and run for my life.)

  7. And while we are suited up, the entire store needs to be dusted, swept, and mopped. I cleaned baseboards this afternoon with Clorox wipes until I ran out of gumption.

  8. Oh, and the absolute ONLY thing that has gone according to our planned time frame is that our dumpster was moved by this city early this morning. I had to participate in two conversations last week that included yelling, but it all happened according to plan. I hereby apologize, City of Columbia Solid Waste Division. 5 out of 5 stars, would recommend.

  9. Our exterior sign was slated to be moved today, but that didn’t happen. Goodness, I’m hopeful for tomorrow. A sign outside an empty storefront and a sign outside a blocked out window storefront = confusion to the general public.

  10. But we did receive an entire shipment of completely adorable merchandise that makes the extra square footage for cute things worth all the headaches of today - like this farmhouse enamel measuring cup. Shopping at AtlantaMart in the summer and then opening it all now is basically the most fun job I’ve had all year.