Our Last Wednesday

Here’s actual footage of what it feels like as we move into the next few days:

tenor (4).gif

In short, EVERYTHING feels out of control. (Also, this clip is from Speed and I’ll tell you now that it is 100% on brand for Jeanne to not flinch if she had to drive a bus that couldn’t drop under 55 miles per hour. Or jump a bridge with a hunk of missing freeway.)

Here’s the wrap up of our last Wednesday at PJP Buttonwood:

  1. If you ever call to request your commercial dumpster be relocated, someone from Solid Waste will call you back and yell to ask you if you want that done on Monday or Friday. If you hesitate for a single second, they will just yell louder “MONDAY OR FRIDAY?”. I picked Monday, only because I was under duress from the shouting.

  2. If you order a commercial dishwasher and the company mistakenly puts your address as Suite E on the delivery paperwork instead of Suite C, the driver will actually try to deliver the dishwasher to the massage storefront located in Suite E. Even though massage stores don’t need dishwashers and our pies sign is prominently above Suite C.

  3. If you give Jeanne a razor blade and suggest she start removing some of our Facebook information and other items from the front windows of PJP Buttonwood, she will actually scrape those windows clean. So, let’s hope no one stops to read our hours on the door during the next three business days. Because she scraped those right on off.

  4. If you post on social media that you are discounting all the pot pies and quiche in the freezer, you’ll sell them all in an hour or so. I guess at least no one who stopped by immediately after the post went up even needed to know we stay open until 6.

  5. If you visit your new storefront four separate times in one day, you’ll even be impressed by even the addition of working light switches between visits. Also, the electrician will probably feel like you are hovering. (Spoiler alert: It’s me. I hover. Clearly, I am the Keanu Reeves of the Speed metaphor.)