Well, this Monday, Jeanne and I took another road trip...this time to Kansas City.  But unlike last Monday, wherein our focus was to NOT discuss PJP, today's focus was on an agenda of meetings about PJP.  So we basically discussed our sweet girl all day, minus a few personal shopping stops.  

(As a total non-sequitur, the Nordstrom Rack in Lenexa is TOP NOTCH.  A total do-not-miss-it, seriously.  We also did a solid swipe through our favorite Home Goods/TJ Maxx.)

So here we are in August, which is always a weird month at PJP.  We have members of Team PJP leaving and new people starting (though not enough new ones, so if you know anyone interested in working with us, have them apply!).  And everyone's schedules change as the fall semester starts.  More than anything in August, Jeanne and I spend an inordinate amount of time discussing the fall months ahead.  So in short, it feels like the calm before the storm.  And in reality, it isn't even that calm.  Go figure.


So we had the chance to talk a lot today about PJP and where we see her growing and what we need to do to help her grow in other ways.  And as you might guess, GOODNESS, THAT WAS A DEEP CONVERSATION (that bills at $400/hour).  We don't have any answers, but to say that our general consensus was that we plan to work harder, sell more, and think bigger because PJP deserves all the opportunities in the world that are coming available to her.  (And also maybe figure out a way to ensure that Jeanne always has Thursdays off and perhaps I have Saturdays off now and then, regardless of staffing woes, just as a sanity check.)

So while last Monday was a tremendous gift to be able to shop all day and forget our responsibilities (not to mention the cheesecake), today was also a tremendous gift to have some very real and valuable conversation about PJP.  And in case you are wondering, Jeanne wouldn't let us eat cheesecake again for lunch.  Seriously.