Party of One.

For a rainy back-to-school Tuesday, PJP was busier than anticipated.  I feel like I participated in no less than 4,000 different tasks today, which sounds about right for mid-August.  (Also, I'm giving side-eye to October when that daily number will raise to a steady 10,000 things a day.  Just kidding.  Sorta.)  I can only sum it up as follows:

  1. Our electric bill arrived today and after all my fussing around about July's $811.14 grand total, we managed to knock it down to $748 for this billing cycle.  AWESOME.  If you also would like to have a fit every day as you remind your employees to set the thermostat to 75 when locking up, you too can save $63.  Sarcasm, Party of One.
  2. Speaking of employees, we have a new one starting tomorrow and one next week.  I've prepared some welcome materials like a legit professional.  Granted, I've prepared them in my mind and not on paper, but Rome wasn't build in a day.  Or in 49 months, ahem.  Slacker, Party of One.
  3. In effort to solve our baby pie tin problem, we chatted with our supplier.  They had the great idea of suggesting we buy a whole pallet of baby pie tins for the low price of $3,900, plus tax and shipping.  So, now all I need is $3,900, plus tax and shipping.  And space for 15,000 baby pie tins.  Annoyed, Party of One.
  4. And speaking of space, I went to a meeting today to discuss a long-term project to increase the size of PJP.  The details aren't important, primarily because the price quoted per square foot made me break into a cold sweat.  Deflated of Hope, Party of One.
  5. When walking to the meeting, I noticed a rock on the sidewalk that had been painted pink with the word "karma" written on it.  And between you and me, stuff like that freaks me out.  Who left it there and why?  Though, we regularly pick up enough cigarette butts off the same sidewalk to inspire Don Draper to create a whole new campaign for Lucky Strike, so what does it even matter?  Suspicious, Party of One.