Without question, you can tell that the return to the school year routine is slaying my household.  In order to deliver my youngest to middle school on time, we need to leave our house no later than 6:55 am.  (For the love of all things holy, her scheduled bus pick up time is 6:18 am...which is basically the middle of the night, so we are taking a hard pass on that.  I could straight up run for school board and win on the promise of "omg, we aren't starting anyone until 9 am, thank you very much".)  And for any one with children, you know that you've basically lived a whole day before you actually get to work to do your actual job.  Goodness, sometimes I am super amped to get to PJP Buttonwood just for the 30 minutes of silence I'll have between school drop off and our 8 am employee start time. 

But my whole point is that I've been thinking that there has to be a way to figure out how Jeanne and I don't have to work at PJP every Saturday.  Because by the time I make the show happen all week at my house, I'm sort of over everything by the weekend.  In short, my people snooze away Saturday morning and then watch Netflix until they resort to calling me 1.5 million times to ask me how much longer it will be before I can leave.  And whether it is noon when I leave (like some weeks) or 5 pm (like last Saturday), the rest of the weekend is over in the blink of an eye.  And spoiler alert, I'm sorta grouchy and tired by Sunday night.  And not mentally prepared to turn it around and do it all again.

So none of this is to evoke sympathy because goodness knows we could schedule a full staff on Saturdays if our minds were intent upon it.  And in full disclosure, Jeanne is MUCH better at working toward this goal than I am (seriously, she could never work another Saturday again and not feel bad if we had the proper staffing levels).  I struggled for the longest time with the very real fear that if I weren't at the shop every Saturday, then people would assume I didn't care about PJP.  (Actually, I still have this worry so I don't know why I wrote it in the past tense, but it was likely to make myself sound less crazy.)  But lately I can tell too that the six days a week focused on PJP is chipping away at us both.  Is there a psychologist in the house?  Can someone unpack this mental chaos for me please?

So what is an entrepreneur to do?  NO CLUE.  And I don't expect you to have the answers either.  I'm just sending out what's churning through my mind into the void of the Internet to make it real because it is part of our story.  And also so that if you stop by on a Saturday and don't see one of us there, then you know it isn't because we don't love PJP with all of our hearts.  Ahem.

(Who are we kidding.  See you Saturday.  Maybe.  Most likely.)