Our Day

It is pretty well known that Tuesday is my very least favorite day of the week at PJP. We start with no inventory, and generally no supplies as we wait for our Tuesday food delivery. We thought we were pretty smart by working ahead yesterday, doing a lot of prep work for the week, and unloading $1400 worth of groceries into our refrigerator and freezer. Except there was so much to do today that it felt like yesterday didn’t even happen.


So I started the morning like always - by making the day’s baking schedule. And then I realized that the completed schedule included tarts, jars, babies, nine inch, and 12 inch pies of over 20 different pie flavors. Gah. So I went to get my coffee at Starbucks and came back to give the baking schedule some side-eye before everyone arrived to get started.


And then four Team PJP members (plus Jeanne and I) just focused on moving through the baking schedule for the next few hours. That sounds very professional, but we talked a lot too about a lot of things that don’t really matter unless you like to discuss Netflix and dogs and Reddit - not necessarily in that order.

giphy (1).gif

And then because PJP is a time vortex where one hour generally feels like one minute, it was time to open our doors to a crowd of waiting people. The first five people in the store wanted to discuss Jelly Jar shipping (so, so, so much shipping this week), and two people wanted to buy gift cards.


And then a PJP fan stopped by two bottles of Prosecco for Jeanne and I as a holiday gift. YES, PLEASE.


And while we wanted to crack right into that Italian wine, we needed to plow right through that baking schedule so that we could start stamping dough for 600 jars due later this week. And that sounds pretty easy and straightforward, right? Spoiler Alert: IT NEVER IS. Because we were so busy, we sold most pies hot right off the trays and so when we started boxing everything to go out for sell, we realized that we didn’t have much of anything left to actually sell. Gulp.


And by mid-afternoon, we had made so much pie and sold so much pie that we just decided to call it good and focus on cleaning up the enormous mess we had made, plus focus on getting pie shells ready for tomorrow. Because tomorrow has about a million things due for different people at different times, plus we have a store to restock. Good thing we thrive on adrenaline, right?


And tonight, I promise you all of Team PJP that worked today got home and was a little worn out.

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Though, tomorrow? We’re ready for it. (Maybe not this enthusiastically, but still…)

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