Rare Sighting

Today, Jeanne and I spent the better part of our Monday working at PJP. It was just as glamorous as it sounds - we got a delivery of paper goods and a food truck delivery, and then we turned it all around and made a lot of Jelly Jar pies to ship back out the door to their final destinations. Though, a year or two ago we likely wouldn’t have gone into PJP today, but rather stayed home and fretted about all the things that needed to be done to make tomorrow. And that is just a long story to say HOLLA TO ENTREPRENEURIAL MATURITY. It only took us 48 months to evolve to this point, but here we are and it is niiiiiiiice.

Here is a few other nice items of note:

  1. We have so much to do this week that my only goal over the next few days is to maintain a calm facade to the outside, while inside, my brain implodes. That is the super special part of being in charge that no one really tells you about. Oh, and that you’ll never shake the thinking about your business basically ALL THE TIME.

  2. PJP coffee cups have FINALLY arrived. We have looked at coffee cups on various websites for at least 36 months now and once we just decided to do it, it took about seven minutes to finalize the deal. In short, that is a metaphor for our entire entrepreneurial philosophy. With the logo on one side and “world pie domination” on the other, they are pretty fancy. And pretty fancy for $8 each, indeed.

  3. We’ve ordered so many Jelly Jars lately from the manufacturer that the UPS man knew to knock on our door today for the next 800 jars off his truck. It’s pretty lame when your UPS man knows that you push your inventory to the point of basically hugging him whenever he shows up with what we need next. And on a side note, guess who gets hugs on Wednesday when he shows up with 1,000 tiny forks for me?

  4. You might have noticed on Facebook or Instagram that Santa showed up on Saturday at PJP and rolled pie dough and did dishes for a few hours. It was the perfect visit from Santa because he was super helpful, but basically went about his business with no attention to anyone in the front of the store. He was just Santa, doing PJP things. It was pretty impressive, especially to the 10-and-under crowd. (The rest of us wore Elf hats, which strictly violates my “no theme wear or theme hats” rule, but I took one for the team. If you took photos, burn them.)

  5. And finally, as if we didn’t have enough going on this week, two members of PJP graduate from Mizzou on Friday. We couldn’t be more proud of Kevin and Sydney and all they have accomplished. If all goes according to what I’ve put together in my mind, we plan to be out of PJP in time to trade in our flour covered Nikes for real people clothes and be at Jesse Hall by 4:30 Friday afternoon to cheer on the big event. And that may be as rare a sighting as Santa rolling pie dough, but…