So, today at PJP was a little TRYING. Believe me when I tell you that I’ve had far, far, far more challenging days at PJP as we’ve worked to get pies out the door, but today was a solid 5 out of 10 on the struggle bus. We made pies in all the sizes and every third call to the store today was to order mass quantity of jars or to ship jars to far-flung places. (Actually just to places like Fort Lauderdale and Bridgewater, Virginia and Spring, Texas, but you know what I mean.)

In short, it all just felt like a steady two steps forward and one step back as we worked through the to-do list. Sometimes I feel very out-of-control when I spend a good portion of the day baking, rather than managing us through the day. And maybe I’ve mentioned it before, but I really like to control how the day flows at PJP. I can’t even apologize for this character flaw.

All that said, here’s actual footage of me by 5 pm this afternoon…


So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m bedraggled. And spoiler alert, basically everyone in retail is bedraggled two weeks before Christmas. That’s how it works. Please remind me of this when it feels like time stands still in January. Because that is also how it works, in case you are new around here.

Tomorrow we will do a large order for one of our favorite customers and long-term PJP supporters. And then we will take a moment for PJP family lunch for Kevin’s last day before he graduates and moves away. Which is all just to say that even when it is a mess at PJP and I feel all strung out, Team PJP and the customers that come into our shop continually make us feel like we are the luckiest girls ever. Bedraggled or not.