Moving Update #3

So. Maybe you’ve heard we are building out a new storefront? I’ve mentioned it a time or two here. AHEM.

In good news, we are happy to report that we are just about 85% finished with the space. That said, today at PJP Nifong challenged me in ways that maybe only Thanksgiving 2014 rivals. And look, the physical labor that today demanded was nothing in comparison to the mental energy it took. If you want to know if I questioned all of my life choices today, YES. YES, I DID. Especially each time I trekked it over to Hyvee to go to the bathroom.

IF the following things happen tomorrow, we are good to go for Friday:

  1. Tomorrow, we finish cleaning the entire space. In good news, we will allegedly have toilets to clean. We are 100% looking forward to it.

  2. We also must pass the fire department inspection (but I pre-planned on that and had the fire extinguishers installed weeks ago so this is the only event for tomorrow not giving me diagnosable level anxiety).

  3. We also must pass the water department inspection. (What? I don’t understand this at all because we have water and it comes from the city and not a random well we dug in the back parking lot, so what are we inspecting?)

  4. We pass the health department inspection. Goodness. We run an exceptionally tight ship when it comes to cleanliness, but one really never knows what to expect when it comes to this area. We basically almost climbed into our refrigerator and scrubbed it within an inch of our lives. What I’m saying is that we brought our cleaning A game under Jeanne’s direction. Tomorrow, SO MUCH MOPPING.

  5. We finish merchandising items, finding home for items, and figuring out how all of our routines in our space will start to take shape in anticipate of an early start to baking on Friday morning. Gah.

That’s a lot of moving parts tomorrow, so please send good vibes our way. And IF it all works, we are coming for you, Friday the 13th.

tenor (7).gif