Moving Update #4

Well, please sit down for the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever written on the Internet, but: WE FAILED OUR HEALTH INSPECTION.

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Goodness. Today has almost killed us.

So, all was going along quite swimmingly this morning - minus my emotional unhinge and a storefront waiting for a deep clean. But by early afternoon, the space was shaping up quite nicely in anticipation of our mid-afternoon appointments for fire and health inspections. Also, I was starting to feel better overall…though nervous because you never really know what to expect during these sorts of visits. (Actually, I was up at 4 am reading through local health code regulations because I was trying to figure out WHAT exactly to expect.)

At any rate, we somehow built out an entire storefront and ended up a hand washing sink short of ideal hand washing standards. (Which, actually, wouldn’t you like to know how the ideal hand washing sink standard is established? By feet between sinks, by square footage, by what exactly? I don’t know, but I’m genuinely curious.) . The newly installed hand washing sink, the three vat dish sink, the mop sink, and the sinks available in each of the two restrooms STILL left us short. I didn’t cry at the news. Mainly because I am all out of tears at this point in the week.

That said, our construction manager had a plumber on site faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. And while the plumber worked to ready the space for another sink, someone went to buy said sink. And all in all, the complete install was done by 5:06 pm. Which, sadly, was six minutes too late for anyone to answer the phone at the health department and agree to come verify the existence of the new sink. So I’m going to believe with all of my exhausted and weary heart that the re-inspection will happen very early in the morning and FINALLY, we can open our doors. There is nothing we want more than to a) show the store off because she’s beautiful, and b) record a day of revenue in what has been a VERY LONG WEEK of no revenue.

So, collective Internet friends, please take a deep breath at 8 am and visualize an early health department arrival, an exclamation of joy at the addition of the extra sink, and a final approval. Our sanity depends on it.

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