Moving Update #2

Earlier today, you might have noticed a picture on our Facebook and Instagram of our exterior signage from PJP Buttonwood hung beautifully on a new deep blue wall inside of PJP Nifong. And I promise you, that development was the highlight of second in-progress moving day. Hold on to your seats for how the rest of the day shook out…

  1. Our sign removal early this morning revealed looming problems. 1) Wasps. 2) A gaping hole in the facade on the building from when the sign was originally installed. I will not identify the person, as he is a local artist who works in metal arts and NOT in qualified sign installation…clearly I was too naive to consider that important qualification five years ago because while he makes nice signs, his installation skills are lackluster. And honestly, if you want to know if I prefer wasps or a prolonged scuffle with The Kroenke Group over the hole, PLEASE GIVE ME WASPS ALL DAY ANY DAY.

  2. We still have no plumbing. I went to the bathroom so many times at Hyvee today that I’m certain to be on some sort of suspect watch list. We don’t even have a toilet hooked to the ground to pour bleach into and frankly, I was looking forward that part of the day.

  3. Our new oven and refrigerator promised for delivery last Friday or Monday is now delayed until tomorrow morning. I’m going to low key stew around about this for weeks to come because I feel strongly that if you pay $11,000 for equipment and are told a date, you should get your items on that date…especially when they are in stock in this city since LAST WEEK.

  4. Of all the items currently shoved in our space, only our oven from PJP Buttonwood works. Oh, and a chest freezer. And our Square registers. And there isn’t much we can accomplish with those three things. Remember last week when we were trying to use all the ingredients from our refrigerator and freezer because we were so excited to move them? Those were the halcyon days.

  5. And finally, our mechanical plans contain a huge error and the wiring for the merchandising cooler and freezer weren’t accounted for. I cried A LOT in front of the electrician earlier in this process and for a second, I though he was going to cry A LOT in front of me. I don’t know anything about electricity (except that I enjoy it) but this error requires 220 to be “pulled from the back” all the way to the front and nothing about that is quick, easy, or (I’m guessing) inexpensive.

My feeling after this exceptionally long day is that the original sign installer is on my short list, indoor plumbing is underrated, and electricians have all the patience that I lack. Also, as much as it pains me to say, unless there are miracles of epic proportions tomorrow, there is no way we will pass inspections and be ready for Thursday. Though, I’m not opposed to watching YouTube tutorials on toilet installations, so I guess there could be hope ahead.

tenor (6).gif