Major Award Winner

If you follow us on social media or you’ve been in my presence for five or more seconds, you likely know by now that PJP was named the best pie shop in Missouri by USA Today. And if this is the first you’ve heard of the news, let me repeat: PJP WAS NAMED THE BEST PIE SHOP IN MISSOURI BY USA TODAY. (Shouting intended.) As usual, I have some thoughts:

  1. Let’s start with what everyone wants to know…mainly, how did this happen to us? We don’t know. Honestly, I was shopping at Sam’s late Saturday afternoon with my family because I lead an ultra glamorous life and a PJP fan sent me the link to the USA Today article. And if you need to set the scene in your mind, we were in the paper goods aisle.

  2. And like all accolades that come our way, we are humbled and honored to be recognized for our work. There is a fair amount of pie competition in Missouri (which I ardently keep on my radar), so we are proud to be at the top of the list. We don’t take it for granted.

  3. Of course, I looked through all the other states and examined the pictures and the pie each shop is known for. My competitive heart wouldn’t rest until I had analyzed it all. And then I cross referenced the winners to Instagram because lawyer habits die hard.

  4. I’ll admit that this is one of my favorite awards that we’ve won, mainly because Jeanne used to subscribe to USA Today when I was growing up. Mind you, this was back when it was delivered to the house every morning and it was chock full of news because there was no Internet to compete with. Since I was 14 going on 40, I LOVED THE NEWSPAPER. (Honestly, I still do. Especially a Sunday edition.) That said, I never considered that one day we would own a business that USA Today would write about. Or that USA Today would only exist in digital format. Or that I would seriously regret buying red glasses on Jeanne’s advice and wearing them every day of 8th and 9th grade…but that is a whole different post.

  5. And even though we are pretty amped about all this, we still all went to PJP Buttonwood today to work on all sorts of prep for this week because this week looks overwhelming. So basically, nothing has changed…just more Instagram accounts to follow.