Low-Key Anxiety

In case you are interested, here a few things causing me low-key anxiety lately:

  1. The crushing weight of increasing sales and decreasing cost of goods, as all businesses strive to do. That’s how it works, but that doesn’t make it easy.

  2. Corduroy pants are making a comeback. And I’d rather leave that memory in 1984.

  3. How to make enough chicken pot pie and beef pot to stay in stock as the weather turns cooler without making Team PJP go crazy and eventually stage a walk-out.

  4. How to find a comfortable place between ordering 10 pounds of bananas and 50 pounds of bananas, since those are the only options and 10 is too little, but 50 pounds seems to escalate the banana situation quite quickly.

  5. How many hashtags are too many hashtags? I prefer one, but Instagram wisdom suggests somewhere between 12 and 100. Only kidding. Sorta.

  6. How we will lay out Thanksgiving logistically in our new space…and should I rent velvet ropes for crowd control, or is that too extra?

  7. Why all commercial paper towel dispensers don’t universally accept the same paper towel? Collusion in the commercial paper goods industry runs rampant, and I feel like someone should know.

  8. Why sugared lemon slices - which would look ADORABLE on our Lemon Cream pies - cost $113.33 for FOUR POUNDS from our food broker. Perhaps I’m in the wrong market.

  9. How to stay interesting, relevant, and on trend as a business…and I guess as a human?

  10. Where to store the hundreds of quarts of heavy whipping cream we will need for Thanksgiving for White Chocolate Strawberry pie.

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