Jeanne-ology: Hello?

Hi There - It’s Thursday and that means it is time for Jeanne-ology. Earlier this evening, our appearance on the PBS show “Making” aired on the local affiliate, KMOS. As a general rule, Jeanne and I don’t watch ourselves on television, but I’ve received a lot of texts and messages tonight promising that we don’t look goofy at any point in the episode, so there’s that. Enjoy Jeanne’s thoughts on non-television related items! Rebecca


It's Thursday again and welcome readers! Today, I was absent from the pie shop and although I was tempted to go in, I didn't. I must say it has been a nice day! Rebecca needs to have a day off, but she is so darn stubborn about doing that. I think she feels that I can't run the shop as well as she can. Probably not, but I am aware of what is going on more than she thinks I am! When we are there together I am guilty of not listening to every word spoken. However, I am aware of how our pies are made and baked. That said, I do recognize that she is the gorilla glue of our business. (Rebecca editing to add: I’m not sure I’ve ever been called the gorilla glue of anything, but I’ll take it as a compliment. Also, she needs to remember that she is the OG of stubborn.)

Other news in my personal life is that my husband is upset with me over some robo calls. I answered a survey question about his veteran status and provided his phone number and address. My gosh, within minutes, calls were coming in every few minutes. He handed the phone to me and all kind of vendors were wanting to talk with my husband about products they were offering. I know, I know, that I shouldn't provided his phone number, but I really though someone would email us. I really opened up a can of worms. With my phone, I can block numbers from repeated calls, however, his phone is too old and the availability of blocking a call doesn't exist. The first hour after I took the survey, we had over eight calls within the hour! My husband snorted and just started handing the phone to me. I answered and requested they not call again, it was a mistake on my part. It didn't make any difference what I said. The phone calls from the same people kept coming in. (Rebecca editing to add: SIGH.)

How do you handle robo calls? This week I have resorted to various techniques to make them hang up. Sometimes I meow into the phone over and over until they hang up. Today I resorted to barking like a mean dog (I do dog barks pretty good) until they hung up. I have thought about blowing a whistle when they start talking, however, I don't want to damage anyone's ear drum. In this day and age, I would probably be charged with something! I really hate the calls that just say on my phone that they are from the United States. Really? T he entire United States wants to talk to me? I do feel bad for the callers. Imagine with all the jobs available now, and they chose to make cold calls hoping to hawk a product. Maybe I am naive. Maybe they are great at reeling in customers. I really don't know. I do know they are a huge nuisance. I have yet to meet anyone that enjoys getting the phone calls. Now that I have thought about it, maybe I should use a whistle when I answer the phone. (Rebecca editing to add: Goodness. I have heard her meow at telemarketers, which is odd but on brand for her. The barking thing doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’m so hopeful that if her phone rang while PBS filmed, they edited out any animal noises.)

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