What I Know.

Just about a year or so ago, we made our first visit to the empty Orange Leaf storefront that would eventually become PJP Nifong (after many months, many dollars, and one infamous tussle over a 1984 air conditioner). And now that we’ve settled in fairly well, I’ve received a lot of emails from people seeking advice about moving storefronts and for any tips we might have about the process. That said, here is what I know:

  1. The entire process takes significantly longer than you would guess. From first viewing to opening day was just a bit over 11 months for the move from PJP Buttonwood to PJP Nifong. And while a lot of that was lease negotiation, planning, and build out…a fair amount was our indecision during the process.

  2. And frankly, the indecision never goes away. Two days before we opened PJP Nifong, I asked Jeanne if we had an exit strategy because the entire process seemed insurmountable as we approached the final details. Spoiler Alert: Jeanne doesn’t believe in exit strategies…she believes in moving forth in faith that it will all work out. Thankfully.

  3. Every single part of the process is more expensive than you would guess. And I’ve often said I would 100% slay on Price Is Right because I have an uncanny ability to guess the time of day or price of an item like a champ. But I had no idea how expensive it is to have cheap linoleum scraped up and sanded off a concrete floor. (I do now though, so watch out Drew Carey.)

  4. It takes a sweet forever to update your entire Internet footprint and every printed piece of business collateral with new contact information. I promise you that in my Facebook feed later tonight, there will be an ad for Price Is Right since we discussed it here, but yet you still have to let Google review your request for a change of address in your Google listing.

  5. Also, you can tell vendors that you are moving, but almost no one tells the people driving the trucks. Almost every supply truck we use has attempted to deliver to our old address, only to find no answer at the back door. I would be so salty to park a semi-truck full of food, unload $800 worth of dairy items, and then find we moved across the parking lot. This is likely why I would be a terrible truck driver. Plus, I don’t have a CDL. Or like to carry heavy items.

So there’s a start on my advice regarding moving a storefront location. Luckily, I can report that when a new storefront is an absolute dream to look at and that much easier to work in, it makes the process more tolerable. Except the air conditioning tussle…I’m going to hang on to that one for a while.

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