Little Things.

Rather than blogging last night, I sat in front of the computer and answered the incessant stream of emails into my inbox and then I worked on payroll solely because I could concentrate while my house was quiet. And basically what I’m saying is that it only took me five years to figure out that payroll is easier done from my living room than from the front counter of PJP, so let us all rejoice in the little things.

giphy (1).gif

In a true collection of things that do not matter and that aren’t related, here are some items to note:

  1. If you’ve ventured by PJP in the last two days, you’ve likely noticed a large swath of caution tape almost directly in front of our storefront. That is because the facade of the overhang RIPPED OFF AND FELL TO THE SIDEWALK BELOW yesterday. Impressively, an entire village of birds immediately swooped in with straw and made nests in the giant open flap. I guess the moral of this story is when life give you cracked facades, make nests. Or, better yet, fixing facades costs $100,000 and the tenants will be billed. Ahem.

  2. I receive no less than 15 invites a week to participate in some sort of event for PJP and I decline 90% of them, mainly because I am singularly focused on PJP as a storefront. That said, we were contacted by My Big Fake Wedding, which is a wedding show done completely as a fake wedding (it is actually a vow renewal) - sort of a wedding show in action at a wedding. I’m a sucker for people and ideas that are really interesting, so we will take ourselves to Kansas City on June 6th to participate. Gulp.

  3. And this has nothing to do with weddings or pies, really…but I know several of you listen to The Popcast and love it as much as I do. They do a live show several times a year, so in a few weeks, I’m going to get in the car with my daughter and we are going to drive ourselves NINE hours to Birmingham, Alabama just to see Knox and Jaime in person. I’m 100% calling it a work trip because creative inspiration comes in all formats. Holla.

  4. Today someone wondered into PJP and announced he would like to buy a pie press. And I thought maybe he meant pie dough, which we have in abundance and we sell regularly. But no, he was interested in an actual press. Since we only have one AND it cost $5,000 AND it is my favorite thing in our store, I had to decline his purchase to buy. Fair.

  5. And finally, in an update about our possible relocation this summer: I returned the lease to the Kroenke Group with my proposed changes. A week went by with just radio silence, so I emailed to ask the status. Apparently, I surprised the person who put the lease together because he had conformed it to the lease we signed five years ago. I could only respond with laughing face emojis and the reminder that I was young and fresh to the commercial leasing world five years ago. I’ve learned a thing or two since those early days. Thankfully.