Whisking Elbow

Without question, all of Team PJP - myself included - limped toward the finish line of our week last Saturday. I once joked after a particularly grueling baking schedule that I felt like I needed to hang my bones up in the closet and just throw the shell of myself into bed in order to fully rest. That has become the gold standard of how tired we measure ourselves - ARE WE HANG UP OUR BONES TIRED? Last week put us all right there. Here’s basically how I felt when I left PJP on Saturday…


(Also, we have a litany of physical complaints that we listed out on Friday and Saturday morning. I think we could get a group rate on a Whisking Elbow consultation.)

And look, as worn out as I was, I didn’t even have to stay the afternoon on Saturday OR host the birthday baking party at 5 pm that Andrew hosted, which resulted in a legion of new Andrew super fans. OR the birthday baking party on Sunday afternoon that Andrew and Katie hosted to rave reviews from parents and kids.

Rather, I took my turn back at PJP today, wherein I barricaded myself inside the store and sat at the front counter, answering all the emails that I completely ignored last week wherein I fell completely off the grid to focus on Pi(e) Day. I also held a funeral for the KitchenAid tabletop mixer that originally existed in PJP V. 1.0 and then in my own home for 10 years, before returning to PJP V. 2.0 for a solid almost 60 month run before dying rather unceremoniously on Friday. If I had to guess, it was likely all the whipped cream we made on Thursday that served as the final straw. (And by “held a funeral”, I mean that I spent several hundred dollars on a new one on Amazon that I will guard with my life when she arrives in one to three business days via Prime.)

Either all the productivity has me feeling restored, or my tolerance for the demands of PJP have adjusted to reality because I feel prepared for the week ahead after today. I’m hopeful Team PJP does as well. Except for our Whisking Elbows. Those suckers take time to heal.