A Few Ideas.

I’ve mentioned it here a few hundred times, but in case you missed it…PJP will turn FIVE in just a few short weeks. FIVE. And if you’re curious, that is 60 months or just around 1,825 days in operation at PJP Buttonwood.

giphy (2).gif

I’m likely going to wax poetic about it until we we all wear out, but 50% of all small businesses fail in the first five years so I’m going revel in this one victory. At least until April 18th, when I’ll start obsessing about the next significant milestone.

We’ve been discussing quite a few ideas of how to celebrate PJP on her special day in a way that suits us well. And because we’ve not really done anything in store to mark our anniversary, we are ruling nothing out. Here’s a few preliminary ideas:

  1. I could just lay in the parking lot with traffic cones around me and thank the universe above that we’ve made it this far. And Jeanne could just stay home and watch Gunsmoke.

  2. Or Jeanne could lay in the parking lot in a razor blade outline and I could stay home and watch House Hunters.

  3. Heck, the entire Team PJP could cozy up together in our remarkably large pothole and just think about how far we’ve come together.

  4. We could buy a celebratory swan for the pothole. A birthday swan would be interesting.

  5. We could gift ourselves with new strainers, whisks, and bowls from Ikea, which would be exceedingly practical. And exceedingly boring.

  6. We could make commemorative t-shirts, but the word “merch” weighs heavy on my soul.

  7. We could sell pies at some crazy promotional price, but Team PJP would likely kill me after Pi(e) Day and $5 Friday…so I would never actually see our sixth anniversary.

  8. We could create a fun new birthday pie that is exceedingly festive. And by festive, I mean “covered with sprinkles”. Though if everyone loves it, I would have to find out if you can buy sprinkles in bulk from the food broker.

  9. Which, now that I think about it, a picture of bulk sprinkles would be a solid Instagram win any ol’ day of the year.

  10. Or, we could just buy ourselves a big number five gold foil balloon and then get to the business of baking a lot of pies. In other words, just be ourselves, but with single day decor. Which honestly, sounds like way less work than a swan.