If you’ve been around here for a hot minute, then you know that I am 100% for any sort of home search/home renovation/fine HGTV television programming. And so I’ve seen enough demo days to know that I would 100% like the chance to take a sledgehammer to drywall, if ever given the opportunity. AND TODAY WAS THE DAY.

Here is how that shook out, plus a few other items of note:

  1. All of our “Coming Soon” posters are now hanging at PJP Nifong. Every time I pass by on the way to Hyvee, I peer at the lovely posters and have a small anxiety attack that we are possession of 2,100 highly visible square feet of baking space. I know it is what we wanted, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less terrified. #justsaying.

  2. Our trip to The Big Fake Wedding in Kansas City last week was super fun. I’ll share all the details in a full post later, but please know that the groom whipped out a guitar during the vow renewal and sang to his wife the song that Adam Sandler sings to Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer. It was basically like a scene in a rom-com created by Netflix and it was a delight. Also, we were one of the only food vendors to bring real food, so we were super popular. #ifyoufeedthemtheywillcome

  3. Absolutely everything about PJP Buttonwood felt weird last week. We had people starting jobs, leaving jobs, and learning new jobs. I didn’t particularly relax for a single second all week because I like routine and there simply was none to be found. #Iampathetic.

  4. And tomorrow afternoon, I leave for family vacation. Without question I need some distance from PJP for some fresh perspective, but it is never easy for me to go without worrying. This year we are staying in America, so I won’t battle the six hour time difference like last summer in Ireland. That makes hovering via text so much easier. #butjeannedoesntreadtexts

  5. And finally, today we took possession of PJP Nifong officially and our friends at Beacon Street graciously procured me a hard hat and a sledgehammer to make my demo dreams come true. And here is what I learned: 1) I look like a dork in a hard hat and goggles, and 2) HGTV lies. In all of those shows, someone takes one hit on the drywall and the wall falls to the ground. Even when our construction manager Phil hit the wall a number of times to loosen it up for me, it took more effort than I would have guessed to bust through those awful orange tiles. I’m guessing for the sake of television, they edit out all the hammering and sweating that it really takes. My contribution to what came down today is basically nothing, but here is a picture of the progress: