Tomorrow, Jeanne and I will head to Kansas City to participate in My Big Fake Wedding. We are super excited, mainly because the concept is super interesting (an actual wedding with an audience of prospective brides and grooms). If anything, it is 100% different than any other wedding show we’ve been a part of and we are always anxious to try something new. We are taking 225 tarts of varying flavors and we are crossing our fingers that everyone loves them. (And if you are interested in attending, My Big Fake Wedding is graciously offering PJP readers a $10 off coupon code for tickets, using the promo “MorePie”.)

Maybe more noteworthy about this excursion tomorrow is that we’ve finally arrived at a point in time wherein Jeanne and I can leave PJP Buttonwood (and well, PJP Nifong too) for a day without absolutely making ourselves sick with worry. For the longest time, we couldn’t spare time for us both to leave because we were both baking all day. And even as we added on staff to alleviate the baking demands, we didn’t really have anyone readily available to run the front of the store for the majority of the day. And let’s not forget that I’m super controlling and like to be at PJP Buttonwood ALL OF THE TIME so I’m always in the know…so even though we are finally taking this opportunity later than we could have, that’s all my fault.

giphy (14).gif

In a few other items of note:

  1. In the next few days, we should receive official possession of our new location because the HVAC installation will be finished. If you are curious about what happens first, apparently the flooring that won’t be removed get covered with a protective covering. That isn’t interesting at all, but it is progress.

  2. Demo will start soon. I’ll actually be out on vacation from the 11th through the 20th. My only hope is to take a few solid whacks at that orange tile wall before I get on a plane on Tuesday.

  3. And at PJP Buttonwood, we are adding back in some summer favorites, like Peach Raspberry pie and Raspberry Key Lime pie. Plus we’ve added our new Banoffee pie to the daily rotation.

  4. Banoffee pie has a base layer of Dulce de Leche, a layer of fresh bananas, a from-scratch vanilla filling, and whipped topping. It is SO GOOD and was the clear winner of our May Epic Pie Tasting event. The only thing I hate about that pie is that I’ve been saying it wrong for my entire life and only learned that recently when Team PJP was all “wait, what did you just say?”. So now I have to stop and think before I say it. Also, spell check says I’m spelling it incorrectly, but Google says I’m not. For something so easy to make and so delicious, this is shaping up to be a high maintenance pie.

  5. And finally, those of you on our Inner Circle text messaging service have been enjoying 20% off fruit pies this week (lawyer’s terms: not valid on pre-orders or half-price pies). This is our first time trying out text broadcasting and it has been fun. If you haven’t registered your phone number yet, be sure to the next time you stop in. And if you read here and you don’t have the text, feel free to mention the text when you checkout for 20% off fruit pie through this Saturday.