Jeanne-ology: Not Jeanne-ology

So, I don’t think either Jeanne or I intended to let the blog fall off the grid for a week. I’m still on vacation and I think if I reminded Jeanne that she owed everyone a blog post or two, she would get on a plane and fly down here to yell at me in person. It is easy to forget that being the solo captain of the ship is difficult and I know she is working extra hard to cover both of our jobs while I’m away.

Here is a catch up because I think we all feel out of the loop by now, right?

  1. If you are curious, and I would be, Behind-the-Scenes Jason, the kids, and I are in Texas through Thursday. We flew in last week and we’ve really just meandered without much of an agenda, which has been A DELIGHT. We’ve seen a lot of history, explored, and we’ve basically eaten guacamole at 85% of our meals. What I’m saying is that we are enjoying ourselves and our time together. And also, margaritas.

  2. Jeanne seems completely fine at PJP and also handling all of my pets at home, though a text at 9 pm asking me how to get the chickens at my house back in their coop in the dark made me laugh. Mainly because 9 pm is at least an hour after her bedtime AND try to catch chickens in the dark is completely on brand for her.

  3. We did stop in Waco at Magnolia, home of Chip and Joanna Gaines. As I suspected, it made me want all of the things, plus reminded me how much I would like to be the Joanna Gaines of the pie world. Though, I’m not sure how to incorporate silos into my pie mecca. I did purchase more than I should have, but Behind-the-Scenes Jason was distracted with the delicious sweet tea sold from a sweet tea truck, so whose fault is that?

  4. And back to PJP, don’t forget that we are doing a special event on the 26th - all the baby pot pies will be $6 all day and the nine-inch pot pies will be $16…get it? 6/16/26? Pot pies are always excluded from our promotions, so here is our first special day just for pot pies. We won’t be taking any pre-orders to ensure fairness for everyone, but we will have the freezer well stocked all day.

  5. Finally, there is shockingly less pie down here than I expected. I’ve been high alert for pies, pie shops, and bakeries so I can fully analyze how others are doing pie. We did make a quick stop based on a recommendation, but as it turns out, it was basically a gas station that sold desserts. That said, it was pretty darn busy in there and I’m competitive enough to start obsessing…until I looked at the ingredients on the shelf stable chocolate cream pie. Here’s what’s in the PJP version: sugar, flour, Hershey’s cocoa powder, whole milk, and egg yolks. And by comparison…