Jeanne-ology: Just One Day.

Well, it’s already Thursday and that means that 1) this week has flown by, and 2) it is time for Jeanne-ology. Because I’ve been opening the store and she’s been closing, I feel like we are two ships passing in the night. I included her via FaceTime in a meeting today and that is the most time I’ve really gotten to talk to her all week. I’ll be curious on her perspective of how the week played out. Enjoy!


It's Thursday and today you get my thoughts about what is going on at PJP. Rebecca has written this week about the move and all the major news happening at the pie shop. I am just trying to focus on how to accomplish so many of the things that need to be done! Rebecca had mentioned yesterday that we made a bet on how long a particular project was going to take. She sees a small project taking my husband and a month! I am now on a mission to prove her wrong! (Rebecca editing to add: the project isn’t small. It will be spectacular when it is finished, but it isn’t small AND while I don’t think it will take a month, my money is on a week at least.)

This afternoon she said she would like to help and she would like to use the nail gun. We are not using a nail gun, we are using screws. Why, she asked. I spent a few minutes telling her why. She doesn't have a clue about using tools or working with wood. In fairness, it is much like me when she is telling me how to use social media and options on my phone that I never knew existed. Maybe that is why we make a good team. We each bring our own talents and skills to the project. (Rebecca editing to add: She’s right - I know nothing about woodworking. And once she asked me where she could buy a book of all the hashtags available for social media. I call us even.)

Hopefully, my husband and I will start our project on Sunday. I would like to be finished that same day. (Rebecca interrupting to add: NOPE.)

The project may spill over to Monday because of several reasons. Primarily, my husband HATES the morning and says he doesn't feel his pulse until noon. Second, we need to gather all of our tools and buy material in the morning and get it delivered to PJP Nifong before I work the afternoon shift. This will definitely be a challenge for me. I will be pouring coffee down his throat and telling him we need to get busy. He hates it when I remind him of the time and says I do not need to be so explosive about getting him out the door. He also adds that I remind him of his time in the Marines and that I should have joined and made a career out of it. (Rebecca editing to add: Welp, this is all very true. He is slow. She’s impatient. I’m super impatient. It’s all very charming.)

I am still working the afternoon shift while we are short staffed. I enjoy it but one main issue is getting home in time to prepare dinner and eat before 8 pm. Eating that late is not that enjoyable for me. My husband doesn't care what times he eats. Day or night he is ready to eat and snacks between meals. I really want to be in bed by 8 pm. (Rebecca editing to add: This is true. Everyone at my house knows not to call her after 7:59. She’s basically the early evening version of Cinderella.)

It is now about 8:30 pm. My husband is still eating and I am yawning and wanting to end this blog so I can go to bed. After I make sure the house is locked up, our dog has done her business, and make sure the lights are off, I’m calling it a day. I may have to let my husband finish his meal in the dark. (Rebecca editing to add: When we had a tornado warning a few months ago in the evening, I called her about 40 times to make sure they heard the sirens and NOTHING. They slept through it all. That sort of makes me crazy.)

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