Love You

You might have noticed over the weekend that PJP Nifong got a complete and total color makeover. And trust me, I’ve had some big reactions to developments in this construction process…but nothing can ever compare to all the joy in my heart when I discovered the green and orange walls had FINALLY gone away. Here’s a glimpse of the start of our color palette:


And here is one thing for certain - for all the ways opening a business in a larger location is difficult, this particular part has been much easier that our first go around at PJP Buttonwood. We stood at the paint chip samples at Lowe’s for hours early in the spring of 2014, mainly because we didn’t have a clue what we wanted to see in our blank space. But this time around, we have a brand board created by Hoot Design Co and professional guidance from Johnston Paint & Decorating and that means that we have no wavering emotions about the way the space is starting to shape up. WE ARE HERE FOR IT.

So, really, the breaking news of this entire post is that late last week, we settled on a tentative move date from PJP Buttonwood to PJP Nifong. We will start the process on Sunday, September 8th (on a weekend to attempt to mitigate business days lost). Oh, and hey, that is actually Jeanne’s birthday. Congratulations, Jeanne, we got you a store. And a boatload of anxiety and responsibility. Love you.

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