In all the frenzy of the progress of PJP Nifong this week, it goes without saying that PJP Buttonwood has also been a hotbed of activity. Here’s a few things to catch us up with the day-to-day:

  1. Our PJP garage sale on Sunday afternoon was oddly super successful. I had no idea what to expect and honestly, after a long week of baking, I questioned all of my life decisions on Sunday morning as we started to organize and price items. But loads of people were waiting by 1 pm and all of our random odds and ends quickly found homes. In the end, we only took a box of styrofoam cups and two small crates of miscellaneous items to Goodwill.

  2. Our electric bill arrived today for our current space and it was $1,097 dollars FOR ONE MONTH. I actually almost had to sit down. That certainly sets a record for our 65 months in this space and leaves me so righteously indignant that I’m almost without words. ALMOST. Last night, I laid awake in the middle of the night with a brain full of thoughts about a larger storefront. Tonight, I’m going to lay awake in the middle of the night and think about how much I hate that dinosaur of an HVAC, the landlord’s policy on replacement, and the cost of energy in this city.

  3. Last Friday, our friends at First State Community Bank filmed a television commercial at PJP. We felt pretty special to be included in such an endeavor. Jeanne has some quality on-air time teaching dough rolling techniques and just from watching the entire thing we filmed, the end product is going to be pretty adorable. Without the help from First State Community Bank, there would be no construction buildout at PJP Nifong…just Jeanne and I with a hammer and a string of swear words as we tried to rip out the wall that housed all the frozen yogurt machines. Clearly, we can’t say enough how much we appreciate the bank’s support during this project.

  4. And don’t forget that next Friday, August 23rd, is our first ever Quiche Unleashed event. Baby quiche will be $6 and nine-inch quiche will be $16 ($8 and $20.50 respectively). We make them, freeze them, and you bake it at home with the included instructions. We thought it might be a fun send off to August. And also, once you find something witty that rhymes with quiche, you don’t pass up an opportunity.

  5. And finally, Jeanne has a very big project planned for PJP Nifong and she needs to get started on it next week. We were discussing scheduling for the week and all the events planned for a busy week. I felt like she probably needed a week to complete the project when she surprised me by saying she promised me it would be done in a day and a half. A few years ago, she and her husband built Jason and I the most beautiful cabinet that people always ask me if we purchased at Restoration Hardware. She basically bet me that if she finishes in a day and a half, she gets the cabinet back from my house. I 100% took that bet because I have no doubt at all that I will win. But I do appreciate her moxie.

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