Jeanne-ology: Really, This Time

Hi There - it’s Rebecca. We fly back to Columbia tomorrow and I reminded Jeanne this afternoon that she hadn’t written a single blog post in my nine-day absence. She wasn’t super happy with me, but she promised me one. Here we go. Enjoy!


No it isn't Thursday, but I wanted to bring everyone up to date on the past couple of weeks. This is my perspective only, not those of Rebecca because we seem to see the same event with different opinions! (Rebecca editing to add: Wait a second, who does she think posts these blogs to the Internet? ME. Also, I haven’t been gone “weeks”. Goodness.)

Rebecca and family are on vacation, they left a week ago yesterday. Her livestock at home has grown to include chickens and ducks and more outdoor cats. Guess who has been taking care of them? Me!! (Rebecca editing to add: In my defense, I sent our elderly diabetic canine love of my life to Creekside Pet Center because I would be able to watch his cabin on a continuous live video feed on my phone. At least that is one less animal for her to feed.)

Like clockwork, every morning I open the chicken coops so the chickens and ducks can stretch their wings and legs. At 6 p.m., I feed and water them and hopefully get everyone back into the their coops. That is the hardest part. A couple of chickens and one duck will let me chase them until I wear out and give up. They stay out all night! I just hope nothing happens to them, like a fox lurking in the shadows. My granddaughter has named every one one of them and heaven forbid one of them come up missing. Rebecca and her family will be home Thursday night and I cannot wait! Thursday morning, I will clean out the garage full of chicken and duck poop because she told me to keep the garage door closed because of their bathroom habits. It will be a daunting task and hopefully she will never know they were in the garage. Please don't tell her what I admitted to. (Rebecca editing to add: Again, hello? It’s me posting this blog. Also, we have security footage, so we already knew.)

The time spent at the pie shop has been busy. We had a new person start on the day Rebecca left for vacation. Great! Thank goodness she is smart and seems to adapted easily into our crazy routine. While Rebecca was away, we went through Father's Day (which was exhausting). I did wonder at some point if Rebecca planned it that way. Next year, I will be on alert for major holidays when she plans her vacation. The fun part of her vacation for me is that she and the family never passed on visiting a pie shop. (Rebecca editing to add: I can never NOT think about PJP, and that includes her competition.)

She sent me pictures of the pies, their prices and, most importantly, what eating the pie and the experiencing the visit felt like. I can say without hesitation, we are better. Some of the pies were beautifully decorated, but lacked flavor or maybe tasted like canned pie filling. Some of the pie pics showed really thick crust and horrible lattice work. Speaking with her tonight, she rated the gas station pie better than the several brick and mortar pie shops they visited. Good news, maybe World Pie Domination will be more attainable than we thought! (Rebecca editing to add: We are nothing if not modest, ahem.)

So between managing our pie shop, feeding cats, chickens and ducks, I am more than ready for her to return. I miss her, but I know she needs to get away for some down time. I am not physically worse for the wear, but mentally beat down. If something ever happened to her, I would shut PJP down, eat the chickens and ducks, and give away the cats! Believe me, I am serious. The load she carries is exhausting and I am too darn old to do it myself. (Rebecca editing to add: That escalated quickly. I’ll be back tomorrow. Also, a picture of the aforementioned Jeanne-not-approved lattice work is below.)

IMG_0254 2.jpg