Exciting. And Terrifying.

Over the weekend, I finally found time to stop by PJP Nifong to check in on the construction progress since returning from our summer vacation. And I was super excited to see that the walls and soffit had both been removed, opening up the space tremendously. Quite honestly, It is 100% exciting and 100% terrifying to see. The section with the exposed floor (which will be scraped away to the concrete later this week) will become our future baking space. Honestly, that space alone feels just about the size of our entire current location.

71D2BA54-C16C-47CD-955A-444EAE054B39 2.JPG

Here’s the catch up from all my time away:

  1. I’ve noticed that as we embark on PJP Nifong and we start the slow change at PJP Buttonwood to prepare for a larger space, nothing feels normal at either location.

  2. I’m not sure what sort of normal I’m looking for, but change is hard. I keep having these moments where I think perhaps I’ve forgotten to pick up one of my kids from something or I’ve lost my phone, but then I just realize OH, WE ARE JUST PUTTING TOGETHER A BIG NEW STORE. Solid source of anxiety.

  3. In effort to keep chugging along as normal, we surprised everyone by baking 500 tarts for Saturday and selling them for $1.50 each. It was a fun Saturday surprise event for the end of June and that we just did it because we could reminded me of all the upside of entrepreneurship.

  4. On the downside of entrepreneurship, I spent a lot of time today looking at bids we’ve received for the new equipment for the new location. Five companies submitted bids for the few things we need. All listed the same items, but the prices varied like crazy by company.

  5. Remember when our merchandising cooler and freezer were delivered and the driver just left them on the sidewalk outside PJP Buttonwood and it took us like six hours to get it moved inside? I DO. Also, we had to borrow a barber from three doors down to move the units in and he cut his hand and needed stitches. I still cringe thinking about it. I’ll be picking the option that doesn’t leave the new ovens on the sidewalk, thanks.