Jeanne-ology: It Takes A Village

Hey There! It is Thursday and honestly, I didn’t expect Jeanne to write the blog tonight because IT HAS BEEN A LONG WEEK. I was delighted when she texted me to say she sent a post to my email and honestly, it is one of my favorite Jeanne-ology’s yet (and not just because she says nice things about me). Enjoy! Rebecca


Hello again Thursday readers! This past week has kept me, Rebecca, and our staff on our toes to manage our new shop. So many new customers and more pie to bake! This is a good problem to have, trying to meet demand. My mind is willing and excited, however, I need to tell the rest of my body to snap to! (Rebecca editing to add: WORD. We are thrilled to be so busy in our new location, but the adjustment to the new space and the new schedule is no joke.)

This week we have been preparing for the annual Roots & Blues festival. Stamping 2,000 tarts, making cookies, preparing orders, and stocking our shelves with pie, pot pie, and quiche has been a daunting task! I give a shout out to our great staff and the hard work they have giving us. We work as a good team with Rebecca and I working along side. My husband has been in every day to help us out. He may move slow, but he keeps us stocked in dough. At the end of the day, we drag ourselves home to get rest and start again the next day. (Rebecca editing to add: It straight up takes a village to run a pie shop. Someone make me a shirt with this direct quote, please.)

The food business is a HARD business. You have to give more than 100 percent to make it work. No wonder the failure rate is high for any food business the first five years. When Rebecca was in college, I made sure she stayed with it (and that wasn't very hard because she liked studying and writing papers!). I kept telling her to have a professional career where she didn't have to stand on her feet to make a living. After practicing law for twelve years, she decided to help me re-open Peggy Jean's. She devotes her writing skills to make us the best for our social media. All of our notoriety is because of her. I think she is much happier running a pie shop than she was being a lawyer. However, all those words about not standing on your feet to earn a living came full circle when we opened our doors. (Rebecca editing to add: I loved college and law school because I’m an enormous nerd who majored in Political Science and minored in French and in Latin at MU. in full disclosure, I miss writing papers. That’s probably why I’m always writing here. But my skills haven’t given us notoriety, it’s that we are a pretty dynamic duo.)

I am so thankful for our pie business and my own mother would be delighted to think someone could make a living making pies. When she grew up, nearly every woman was taught the art of pie baking. She never did see that it was something special to have that kind of talent. I think she would be so amazed to know that her granddaughter can make wonderful pies and can practice law too! (Rebecca editing to add: We’ve come a long way, baby. I’m pretty sure that is already on a shirt.)

Tonight as I sit here writing the blog, my body aches and I am mentally too tired to think about tomorrow and the goals that need to be accomplished. I also know that the morning brings rest and I will be ready to go. Loving what you do for a living is not really work but more of desire to offer the best of you and your customers. (Rebecca editing to add: Morning also brings her a whole pot of Folger’s coffee, so that helps too.)

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