Best. Weekend. Ever.

Over the weekend, we participated in our fourth Roots and Blues festival. AND THIS YEAR DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Here’s why:

  1. Over the course of three days, we baked and sold just a smidge over 2,000 three-inch pies in 10 different flavors. Top seller: Chocolate Bourbon Pecan…and that’s hardly a surprise. (What is surprising is how much gooseberry we sell there.)

  2. We also sold over 30 dozen of Jeanne’s cookies, prompting many repeat customers to unofficially name them Crack Cookies. They are just that addictive.

  3. Our booth location at the festival was in a prime real estate location…just adjacent to the main stage. While we worked away, we had the benefit of listening to all the concerts and also the vantage point of seeing behind the stage. One of our favorites from the weekend was Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real. And Lukas is Willie Nelson’s son. WHO KNEW.

  4. Our neighbors were the kettle corn people and they couldn’t have been nicer to us. That said, did you know that the heat radiating from an enormous kettle of corn is surface-of-the-sun hot? We quickly dubbed the process “corn heat” and prepared for the onslaught whenever we heard kernels being poured. (Also, a kernel flew out in the wind and hit me and I was certain I had be shot by a bb gun.)

  5. And all this is to say that the above information is completely ancillary to the most important part of the weekend: JASON ISBELL. He was the final show of the weekend and what I considered at the end of 15 hour days on Friday and Saturday in anticipation of Sunday. And he was AHHHHHHMAZING, just as I knew he would be. What is even better is that we had VIP access and therefore, we watched from the FRONT ROW. I could write 10 paragraphs for you about how much I enjoyed it and how inspired I was to watch so much creativity at work, but I’m still thinking it all through and mulling it around in my mind. Here’s a picture I took from where I stood, with no zoom. SO CLOSE!!


I posted the above picture earlier today on Instagram and about 45 minutes later, Jason Isbell LIKED MY POST. Gah! BEST WEEKEND EVER.