Our Next Project

Believe it or not, we’ve been at PJP Nifong for almost two weeks. I drove by PJP Buttonwood today and the hole left by our exterior sign has been completely repaired and if you didn’t know any better, you would never guess that we had been there. I felt a twinge of nostalgia eyeing our old location, but our new one is just so lovely and so perfect for us that I couldn’t miss it too terribly much.

A few people have asked us what our next big project will be now that we’ve completed our move. And to that, I say: 2,000 tarts for this weekend’s Roots and Blues festival. We also have a wedding, an adorable birthday celebration for a two year old, and an entire stack of orders for all sorts of events on Friday and Saturday. As you well know, we like to keep nothing low-key at PJP.

Here’s a few other items of note:

  1. Jeanne finally got all of her shelving hung up in our office and it is super fancy. Sadly, we’ve sat in our office for a sum total of 12 minutes this week because we’ve been busy baking away. But just knowing we COULD sit IF we had time is a comfort.

  2. She also organized our storage closet full of pie boxes, bags, napkins, etc. I totally ignored that the closed was a mess, but Jeanne was obsessing and so I’m happy it is done…if only for her mental sanity.

  3. At least once a day, a Subway employee asks us for our WiFi password. Clearly, they don’t read here enough to know that we have Behind-The-Scenes Jason and he only believes in a well protected WiFi network. I honestly question if I know the password.

  4. Speaking of Subway, an ASTOUNDING number of people eat Subway for breakfast. If we see anyone park in front of our storefront at 9:50 am or so, we immediately all go into panic mode as a Pavlovian response and review orders to see if we had anyone scheduled for a 10 am pickup. That worked well at PJP Buttonwood. It took 400 or so false alarms at PJP Nifong to realize that people are going to Subway for breakfast sandwiches prior to 10 am. Who knew?

  5. We are low-key interested in hiring a dishwasher…ideally from 8:30 am to 1 pm, five days a week. I say low-key because it feels very extra to hire someone just to wash dishes in our commercial dishwasher, but we can barely keep up as our pie production has grown so much in the new location. There’s nothing we hate more than rushing to keep moving through the baking schedule and realizing you need to wash a bowl before you can get started. If you know someone who might be interested, please tell them to email me.

If you have plans to be at Roots and Blues this weekend, please plan to come see us and say hello. As you might know, my beloved Jason Isbell closes the festival on Sunday night. You’ll need to stop by and see us before then because I will abandon our tent before I’m late to see his show. Just kidding. Sorta.