Here For It.

In all honesty, the day-to-day logistics at PJP has felt lately a bit like the movie Groundhog Day.  And if you aren't familiar, then a) you should be because that movie only gets better as you get older, and b) the whole premise centers around the main character living the same day over and over again until he finally learns some valuable life lessons.


And not that we are bored in our day-to-day, because let's face it, PJP is NEVER boring.  But we are exceptionally more skilled at our approach to each day's baking schedule and also, there is just so much less drama typically involved in each day than this time two or three years ago.  So in general, our days feel much more normal than we would expect from ourselves.  

But beyond our daily baking schedule, there is an entire subset of ideas and goals we have that seem to just float around out there while the routine of our day carries us through.  Jeanne and I were talking on the phone earlier tonight and she said that it felt like in some areas of entrepreneurship, it feels like we are swimming upstream.  Preach it, sister.  And the details aren't important for sure, but I'm just dropping this here as a placeholder for posterity's sake to remind myself that simply figuring out how to master the daily grind like a pro doesn't make all the rest of it fall easily into line.  In fact, it is so much easier to ignore the bigger ideas and focus on the day-to-day, simply because baking is less stressful than plotting world pie domination.  I think that is important to note, though few people are willing to admit it or discuss it.  It always stays in the forefront of my mind, for sure.

I won't spoil the end of Groundhog Day, but to say that Phil Connor's repeat of the same day over several years serves him well at the end.  I'm here for it.