The Real Truth

The real truth about entrepreneurship that no one really likes to discuss is this:  on occasion, you'll have a day that makes you wish the person in charge would show up and tell you what to do.  And then you realize that person IS ACTUALLY YOU.  Welp.


And there was nothing in particular that made today more difficult than any other, rather it was just a litany of things that made me want to abdicate my PJP throne and go watch successive episodes of Nailed It on Netflix.  Let's break it down:

  1. Our Google AdWords is broken.  If you click on the number to call our store, it calls some random spam number.  AWESOME.  I waited 42 minutes on hold with Google and never actually spoke to a human and then I gave up in frustration.  And look Google, you can suggest that I watch all the videos in the world in your Google Academy, but I couldn't find one entitled "Our Phone Number Calls A Random Other Place That Is Not Our Store".  Until you put that one on YouTube, please provide a human to help in the first 30 minutes on hold.
  2. Actually, we are currently using Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Google Business Console, and Gmail for Business.  I remember the halcyon days of just Google as a search engine.  And honestly, you think once I signed up to use all that stuff listed above that they would send me shirt or something.  They don't.  
  3. The City of Columbia Water & Light Department called me today regarding yesterday's blog.  They had two comments:  a) we need a new air conditioner, or b) at the minimum, we need an energy audit.  I'm taking a hard pass on buying an air conditioner for a building we don't own, but I was curious enough to accept the energy audit.  It's scheduled for tomorrow at 1, so I can't even wait to see the results.  Hold tight for that news.
  4. At least 12 other people called me today and I returned none of the calls because I was out of words, but I have hopes for tomorrow.  Except for anyone calling to talk to an owner because advertising requests reach their peak this time of year as we head into the fall.
  5. We've been open 51 months as of today.  50 months ago, we weren't signed up on Google, we would have bought the air conditioner, and called all those people and said yes to whatever because we wanted them to approve of us.  So, apparently we've figured out how to be in charge...for the most part.