Five Things.

Well, I’ll be bold here and say that we have sufficiently recovered from our busiest Easter weekend ever. All I’ll say about the weekend is that a 3 am start time is a good reminder of how much work goes into what we do. And, I wish we could have made 1.3 million more White Chocolate Strawberry pies to meet demand on Saturday.

Here is what else is going on:

  1. Despite long, long, long hours together on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Team PJP was still anxious to all hang out together…preferably not while whisking something. So everyone came to my house on Saturday night for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. I got them each a little basket and filled 60 or so eggs with candy. Honestly, I tried to squeeze an airplane bottle size of booze into some larger eggs but they didn’t fit, so I just tucked a bottle in each basket since everyone was over 21. And that is all to say that someone in the Easter egg making market is really missing an opportunity to upsell larger eggs.

  2. It was Behind-The-Scenes Jason’s job to hide all the eggs well…and he excelled (I almost said egg-celled, but that was too much, even for me). It was a delight to watch everyone tear across our front lawn with their baskets.

  3. We received Square feedback from a customer earlier on Saturday that mentioned how pleased she was to shop in a store where everyone seemed so genuinely happy. Isn’t that an interesting commentary on our current expectations in service industries? I will say that as I’ve worked hard to create that atmosphere in PJP, I am considerably less tolerable of sub-par customer service elsewhere. I know you can measure the success of a company by the obvious - like profit and loss, percentage of growth, etc - but positive feedback about the atmosphere of PJP is where the true story can be found.

  4. Speaking of growth, here is a rough transition to mention that I am meeting with The Kroenke Group on Thursday afternoon in attempts to finally agree on some items of disagreement on our lease. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m guessing taking pie probably will not impact the conversation to my advantage.

  5. Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day. 5 out of 5 Administrative Professionals surveyed said they would enjoy pie as part of a celebration. (Just kidding. Sort of. The others said they want the Easter eggs with the booze…and you really can’t blame that.)

5DBD46CE-2117-42B9-B862-E529F4173F81 2.JPG