Jeanne-ology: Business - And Baby - Advice.

Hi Everyone - You may recall that on Thursdays, Jeanne writes a blog post in her continuing Jeanne-ology series. Or you may not, since it has been a hot minute or two since she’s made a Thursday appearance. But here she is tonight with a few thoughts on our recent birthday. Enjoy! Rebecca


Hello everyone! It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything. There seems to be any number of reasons. Once my internet was down for a couple of days and once I was so tired that I forgot about a Thursday posting.  Last week, Rebecca and my granddaughter left Thursday for a trip to Birmingham to see a couple of their favorite podcasters. I was so worried about their drive and their safety on the road that I didn't give a thought to writing a blog. Motherly concern overrode anything I could possibly say.  (Rebecca editing to add: I did try to convince her to come along with us to Birmingham, but she 100% wasn’t having it when I mentioned the drive was 10 hours and then had to explain podcasting to her.)

This week we turned five! Hooray for us. The past couple of weeks, Rebecca has been constantly asking me on my ideas to celebrate.  I said, “let's take the day off, that would be nice”. Her famous sideway glance gave me pause. She responded: “Whaaat! Why would you say such a thing?  You know we are short staffed, Easter weekend is here and there is so much to do!  Can't you come up with anything else?” (Rebecca editing to add: I don’t think I was quite so dramatic. It’s just how could we not be at PJP on our 5 year anniversary when we are ALWAYS at PJP?)

But, seriously, what could we do? We had Pi(e) Day, followed up with $5 Friday. We are here, we are surviving, we have big plans on moving, and we have more ideas than Heinz has pickles on new products to offer to our customers, so what else do we need? I am a woman that avoids social events, parties, etc.. Rebecca is a big bang, big bling kind of woman. She and I are totally opposite. Rebecca comes by it honest. Both sides of her family loves being around other people, social events, and the such. (Rebecca editing to add: BRB, updating my Instagram profile to “big bang, big bling kind of woman”.)

Often, people ask me how to know when it is time to venture out and start a business.  How did I know it was time for me to open a pie shop?  I always ask them if they are ready to have a baby RIGHT NOW in their life. This usually stops people in their tracks.

Let me explain. When you open your doors to a new  business, it is akin to having a new baby. Everyone is excited for you, you are giddy and happy and life couldn't be better. Then, the baby begins to grow, needing more diapers, more food, larger clothing, etc., which is the same as needing more capital for your business growth, developing your product to reach more customers and financially and mentally keeping up with the growth. It is exhausting!

At the age of one, the baby is beginning to walk, and you are needing time away to re-power your energy. You get family or a babysitter to give you some time away but you can't really relax because are they taking care of the baby as you would? What is something goes wrong and you are not there? Then you realize you are not really relaxing at all. You will always have the baby in the back of your mind.  The baby or business is your creation and how could you trust anyone with such a precious bundle?

Terrible twos. What the heck have I done with my life? All you seem to do is take three steps forward and one step back. The two year old is in to everything and you are tired all the time. Self doubt seeps in.

Three! Hooray!  Three year olds are speaking and demanding and forming their own personalities.  You find you need to fine tune some things in your business or maybe find your business is taking on a new directions. Do your follow the new directions or stay true to your original dreams?

Four seems so much mature. The four year old knows what it needs to be happy, to accomplish the things to meet the customer needs. There is not as much second guessing every decision you make. You seem to know your limitations and what will work.

Five, turning five makes you aware of new adventures on the horizons. Five is able to go to preschool, getting ready to join the older kids in school. At five you have lost your novelty and realize that you have developed a product that customers love. Five is learning that you have a chance to make it and expand your growth,

So, Rebecca, I know that turning five is a big deal. Most new business die in infancy. Most owners do not realize the hard work involved.  Most businesses never had a chance of turning five. We are blessed because we have been focused on delivering a product that draws a lot of customers. We are blessed with a God given talent to bake and create with out hands. We are blessed to be a mother/daughter team with unique talents to give to PJP.

Here's to another five with new adventures to come. (Rebecca editing to add: CHEERS!)